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    I am a stay at home mom (for now) of four amazing children. I am also the proud mama of a brown & white Siberian Husky named Lakita.
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  1. I love Eukanuba personally... It's good quality! Not cheap, but definitely cheaper than other high quality brands. Sent from my SM-T217S using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. She's 4 weeks old... still waiting for her to be old enough to bring home. But the breeder is great about sending me photos & videos of Lakita's progress & growth.
  3. Im New too! I like it so far! Welcome! ^_^
  5. Holy cow, so with mine being a red & white, she has a whole array of options LOL! Thank you for letting me know!
  6. Thank you! And I bet amber eyes look amazing! And that's good info to have too, btw. They can change even as old as months after being born. Thank you. I personally dont care how they turn out. I just find it fun to guess. ^_^ Green?! I knew about amber (yellowish), but not greenish amber. Wow, that seems rare & cool!
  7. So a little about myself real fast. I was raised around animals my entire life. Horses, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, ferrets, and even a snake once. I once had a husky mix when I was a young teenager. Duke was amazing. He passed away of old age when I was 22. When I got married and moved into my first house, I began rescuing the abandoned strays in my neighborhood. We lived near a set of woods that many went to go fourwheeling in. But it was also nicknamed the "Drop Off" because a lot of people would drive by and dump their unwanted pets there. They would wonder up into the streets dirty & hungry. I have rescued & found forever homes for 48 dogs now. #49 we kept, and took him with us when we moved. He is a lab mix of some kind, and we named him Boots. Fast-forward, I now have four kids & Boots is still with us years later. I have wanted a husky though for so many years. Ever since Duke when I was a teen. We spent months looking for a Siberian Husky. I finally found a brown & white female puppy. The lady contacted me the day our sib was born. We're gonna name her Lakita! Though I still have 3 weeks to wait, until she'll be able to come home with us. I set up a puppy room just for her. lol With a crate & a doggy bed. Bowls, all kinds of different toys, flea stuff, and her cute harness/leash/fancy collar... I can not wait until I can love on her & spoil her. lol Anyways, they opened their eyes a week ago. I know all huskies are born with blue, but that their eyes can change. I do not care if they stay the same or change, but I find it fun to guess, or speculate what they will likely be. It's like being pregnant, for example - you'll love the baby either way, but are excited to know if it's a boy or girl & who they'll favor lol! I love Lakita either way, but Im excited to find out what color her eyes will be. So for fun, I wanted to ask all of you what you think. Her sire has bright ice blue eyes. Her dam has one full blue eye & her other eye is a parti (Blue with a little spot of brown)... With both parents having blue eyes (well one with a parti-color eye) - what do you think the chances are of her eyes being blue? Or even cuter, if she might take after her mama & have parti-eyes? ^_^
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