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  1. Woohoo. Car now starts and runs. German Engineering. Built to drive you MADDDDDDDDD. See you all tomorrow.
  2. DanUK

    Camp pitch

    Hi @Dunc Please remind me when I get there as ill forget by the time I .......🤯
  3. Thanks @Dunc Sounds good. Cant wait!
  4. I'm sure everyone has everything sorted already but is there anything I can bring up to help? I have several 6ft and 4ft tables, 15'x15' event shelter (Good for rain and sun), Fridge, Freezer Satellite Internet..... 6x4 easyup canvas chairs and plastic chairs. Also have a portable dog shower. Let me know if you would like me to bring anything. Cheers Dan
  5. Hi All, Haven't been active on the forum for a long time so thought I would through myself straight back in the thick of it and come and meet you all at Husky Camp. Huge thanks to Gary @Keeonah for letting me take his caravan at an amazing price. All I have to do is try and fix my one of my vehicles. I went to take the BMW off the drive this morning after not using it for a month and it will not start. (Just keeps cranking) My Jeep which is my daily has a knackered transfer box and only does 20mpg so what hoping not to risk driving this 450+ Miles. I HATE CARS. What ever I end up doing on the car front, Ill be there! Please add me and Mowgli to the list. See you all soon. Dan & Mowgli.
  6. I am 90% sure I can take it. I need a break from work and just need to pass it by my boss/ex business partner/mate for pass 30 years so should be ok. Ill let you know by tomorrow at the very latest.
  7. Thanks Andy, I am always very last minute and can sack off work if I can get a caravan
  8. Is this still available? And is it close to everyone else Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  9. Don’t stop brushing my belly dad [emoji3]
  10. I done a straight swap. There is conflicting information on the internet but the one constant is that raw food digest a lot quicker than kindle so you should not mix the two. Start with basic bland raw like chicken and fish. Avoid any offal and liver at first as these may be too rich for there tummy. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  11. I had this with Mowgli. I took him to the vets and they said not to worry. In the end I put it down to blood pressure as it happened more when he got excited and also I believe diet plays a role. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  12. DanUK


    Give up with dry kibble and go Raw. It fixed mine overnight!
  13. I made a huge mistake. I should of put the shed at work as thats where I am 5 days a week. Couldn't afford to do another shed so hooked up another shower for him.
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