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    1st litter

    awww how cute Sampson was a stereotypical male, had the fun making them but wanted nothing to do with them when they came along
  2. dygosamikita

    1st litter

    awwwww puppies I loved having them around when Nikita and Sampson had them, but they were indeed hard work. Made it worse that Nikita was VERY protective of them. She had to be lured out by meat and then locked out of the room just to get to them
  3. lmao....I opened this thread thinking "what on earth is a 'puppy thread'"...blonde moment me thinks Now that I know that there is no such thing as a 'puppy thread'.....good idea hopefully it will help many would be husky owners, rep added
  4. I found through facebook as well. Welcome all newbies!!! Seems the newspaper coverage is bringing a few in. We need some tv coverage next time
  5. You just need to get off your backside and learn to drive
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