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  1. Wow Linda....that is absolutely amazing...thank you so very much hun. Like Gigi I am nearly in tears xxx
  2. Thanks again to everyone for your kind thoughts and words.
  3. Huge Hugs Gigi.....not much more I can say...I can't imagine how hard it would be to say goodbye to two of them at once:cry1: RIP and Run Free Roller
  4. So sorry to hear this Gigi:(. My heart goes out to you hun. RIP Shads...we followed your journey and admired your strength and will to live on for your mommy, run free and pain free now dear boy....
  5. So sorry to hear this..RIP Kenai, such a beauty...
  6. Nikita had this problem and was put on Incurin (in the UK). This is a 1mg tablets of Estriol, she was taking two tablets once a day. It is basically a short acting estrogen. Not sure if this is available in the US or not but would be worth speaking to the vet. It worked well with Nikita but always going for several short walks a day helped. Nikita wouldn't pee completely when just going outside but if she went for a walk she pee'd a lot and therefore didn't go in the house. Also I used waterproof sheets on the beds and furniture and also in the back of the car. This way if she did have an accident it was easy to clean up, just take the sheet off and throw it in the washer. Hope you are able to get it under control; I know it can be frustrating to deal with.
  7. What a lovely girl . Hope you are able to get to the bottom of her health issues.
  8. Love the banner guys....thank you so much!!
  9. Nice idea Louise, thank you....it is completely up to others if they want to do something. The outpouring of thoughts, touching memories, stories of what meeting Nikita has meant to others, and the lovely pictures and videos are more than anyone could ask for. Thanks again to everyone
  10. Thank you everyone for you kind words; bubbling again. My babygirl touched many lives and definitely left an impression wherever she went. A huge hole has been left behind as well as a rather empty house. Sampson is being my cuddle bug and not leaving my side. He didn't even pester me to go outside but waited till I made him go. Going for walks is very hard as people quickly notice she is missing and naturally ask questions. There was a lovely rainbow over the field where we always walk at 5am this morning when I took Sampson out. I like to believe that was a sign from my girl that she was alright.
  11. Marc - thank you for the lovely post, had me in floods of tears again. Thank you all for the kind messages as well. Sampson is being a little gem and letting me cuddle him and cry in his fur so that is helping a bit. He knows something ain't right but due to recent hospital stays by Nikita I don't think he has registered that she is never coming back. Jos - thanks, that is a great video, it always made me so happy to see her playing with other dogs as she didn't always have a chance to play with anyone but Sampson through her life as most other dog owners would shy away from her as if she was going to eat their dogs. Nikita was larger than life that is for sure. She fought all the way and with her last attempt to fight showed us it was time to say goodbye and let her rest. Thanks again to everyone for you support it means a lot.
  12. I will have a look and see if I have any duplicates. He is the one author that I still collect, I tend to read and give away the other authors. If I have any duplicates you are welcome to them but off hand I don't think I do, have a feeling I just got rid of the some on account of upgrading/replacing them.
  13. Sorry to hear Ryn is poorly, Becky. Truly hope the treatments work quickly and she is back home before you know it. *hugs*
  14. If you put a carabiner through the bungee bits you can hook any length lead to it that you want.
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