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  1. Thanks everyone! Yes I definitely did not want to use a training pad. I'll just have to be patient!
  2. Thanks a lot! Yes it's frustrating feeling like I'm doing it wrong. We will have to try some different things
  3. Our 10 week old puppy has been peeing in the same exact spot on the floor in front of the door for about a week now. We've tried everything to prevent it and nothing seems to work. He will do it even after we take him out and bring him right back in the house. We take him outside all of the time so we know it's not because he has to go so bad. We figured he is still smelling it from a past time he's done it so we have tried cleaning it with everything. Last night we used vinegar and baking soda and he still did it today. My boyfriend's other dog lives outside and our pup loves him so we figured he might be doing it because he knows when he pees there he gets let outside. But today the door was wide open and he still did it. We don't know what to do the prevent it anymore. He also did it today when I was standing about a foot from him watching him in the act. If anybody has had this experience or knows any tips please help!!!
  4. Thanks Mazz! He's already getting better. As far as night time goes he sleeps through the night no problem and goes out first thing in the morning. He used to wake up about once and cry for us to take him out but now he doesnt wake up. There is only a cat in the house but Kai(my husky) liked to pee on the rugs. We took the rugs up and he is doing a million times better.. just making sure we werent doing something wrong but as far as praising and such we are doing just like you said.
  5. My boyfriend and I got our puppy about 2 weeks ago. He just turned 8 weeks over the weekend but he's slowly getting worse about potty training. When we first got him he was basically a natural (I think the breeder was keeping them outside). He would go outside when we took him and only had a few accidents in the house. We never used a training pad because alot of people say it can confuse the pup. Well over the two week span he has been peeing in the house right after we take him out. We will take him outside and he will do his business and then will walk right back in the house and go again. And it has gotten increasingly worse over the few weeks. My boyfriend and I work until 2 and 5 in the evening so we can't be home to watch him during that time so his mother watches him. When he is not in his crate he is out around the house with full freedom. I'm not sure how much he is being watched while we are gone but he also does the same thing with my bf's mother (going outside and then peeing in the house). I think he is having too much freedom to roam because I know puppies shouldn't have full access to the house. I just want to know how I can prevent this from getting worse and if I should buy one of those enclosed gate things or if it would even help. He knows where to go I just think he likes peeing in the house. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!!!
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