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  1. Simba after a spot of digging
  2. gaz


    Thanks for the info much appreciated
  3. gaz


    Hi guys I've read that a tightly curled tail can potentially mean problems with a husky, can anyone here see any issues as I'm not too sure what I'm looking for.
  4. Worn out after a day of playing
  5. What kind of mental stimulation do you recommend? Is there anything in particular they like? He seems to enjoy the kong rolling toy which drops out treats and obedience training is going ok I guess. These outbursts are intense though, I found out last night that if I ignore him instead of shouting NO! And saying "no biting" etc he defused so much quicker. His weakness...... He hates being ignored.
  6. Simba is our new Siberian husky he's 10 weeks old , we're just waiting on his 2nd jab so we can get him out . This part of owning a dog is the hardest, he's going crazy and keeps having little outbursts almost like a kid having a tantrum [emoji23] he also gets very disobedient during these outbursts.
  7. Yes raw mince , fish , chicken and veggies etc, I didn't want to swap straight over for the obvious reasons . Thank you for that advise I'll try him on rolled up mince treats at potty times and obedience sessions
  8. Ok thanks I'll try that, I'm sure I read somewhere to not mix as it's bad for the digestion but on the other hand you can't just switch to a full meal of meat either as that's bad too, so this makes sense to mix small amounts in
  9. Hi guys , so Simba is 10week old he's been on dry food since we got him I'm keen to switch his diet to meat as soon as possible but I'm unsure how to go about it and when the right time is. I can't help thinking if he was in the wild he wouldn't be sniffing out biscuit trees , it seem un natural and he also seems to be hungry 24/7 ( I know he's a puppy ) Any advice would be awesome .... thanks in advance
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