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  1. Hi Jutus, I'm new on here also - I know all huskies are different but let me just share with you my experiences 2 months into a rescue adoption. When Masha first came to live with me she was the same as yours at night - she'd come and wake me like every two hours, not to play it seems more just to make sure I was still there. She was abandoned and left to die by her previous owner outside in UAE summer heat (50 deg). Be patient with her. Exercise her before bed time - but feed her THEN exercise (wait half an hour or so after she's eaten though) not the other way round. If you
  2. Ric UAE


    Thanks girls Many people have told me she's lucky - honestly, I feel as though I'm the lucky one
  3. Ric UAE


    Hi all Quick intro - Ric(hard), UK born and bred but living in sunny Abu Dhabi. There are many Huskies in the UAE - unfortunately there are also many abandoned Huskies. Locals buy them or import them because they think they're cool (they are) but they have no idea how much work they are, how much attention and exercise they need. They find out the hard way then give up on the idea. I adopted Masha - a two year old female - about 2 months ago having researched thoroughly wether or not I have the ability to give her the life she deserves. She was found about 8 months ago in the back
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