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  1. Our vets hate us for feeding raw. We waited until they checked ours over told us she's perfectly healthy and bright then said what we fed her and her face changed. Even when we defended it with, she's healthy, it's high grade stuff, yo uve just admitted she's never looked better, she was still hard against it. Almost called us stupid for doing it but ghost would never eat other kibble or stuff they recommend. So raw it was! Never looked back. Ghost isn't keen on beef actually... she's more chicken, turkey and duck. Loves duck!
  2. Lovely to hear that! Especially after the scare she gave you. Is she enjoying her walks? It's great to watch all their little personalities develop, they all look like they've put a nice bit of weight on as well! We are at the end of our experience now!! Big sad tears from me last night as we watched our first puppy leave us to go to his new home! Utterly heartbroken!! But.. positives.. he's going to his new loving home where he will get dedicated attention from his new owners and not a fifth of the attention from us. Come Friday evening we will be down to just Ghost and our new pup - can't believe it's been 10 weeks already!! Ghost was cuddly and sick last night - so think she felt it a lot last night as well, she spent all night with her pups where as she'd been sleeping with us - so she felt that Chance's gap, poor girl. Attached the last pic we took of him before he left us! Such a big, brave beautiful boy!!! Must think positive about it, no matter how upset I am - he will be exploring his new environment and creating a bond with his new family. Will look forward to meeting them for walks and for the annual BBQ we are doing for the pups on their future birthdays!
  3. Aw they sure look like they are growing up big and healthy! Love that their eye's are starting to open and the little tongues are coming out! How is Sky doing now? And how are you two more importantly as well! Are you both coping ok and got into a little routine?
  4. Ah you went raw! Oh fantastic! Yeah.... our vets hate us for it as well, they don't really understand the benefits of raw food for our animals (cats as well) my vet likes to push purina science plan... but no! Yeah.... meat breath isn't nice but I can live with that for a fit and healthy pooch. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! I'm so pleased things have improved for you. Our girls seem to be quite similar!! Must be a white husky thing 😍. Let us know how the walkies go!!!
  5. Thank you for updating us! I've been thinking about you all for the last few days - I haven't wanted to message as wanted you to be able to focus on your puppers. I'm really really pleased she is eating well and the puppies are doing excellent as well. She should start returning slowly to her normal behaviour over the next few weeks. Ghost has now pretty much returned to her normal self - she even started sleeping on the bed again last week which she hasn't done since they were born. She might even want her first walk soon, keep it short and sweet, if she wants to go home then go home - Ghost couldn't get out the door fast enough and honestly looked at me as we walked back up the drive "Seriously.. that's it"!? Be cautious of other dogs, she will be protective and anxious - I started crossing the road IN CASE. Nothing ever happened, but just in case. I couple of the regulars I bumped into I explained why and they were more than happy to keep their distance until Ghost was ready. I'm loving that big belly on the puppy (Bella is that?)! I'm just so pleased that Sky has started eating more, well done everyone!!!!
  6. That's really good to hear James! Fantastic advice from @2Huskyfun very important to do in small amounts so she isn't sick. I'm sure she'll get the weight back on in no time at all. Good luck! Please keep us posted! Sleep well all! ❀
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Though to be honest as long as you're getting the food and nutrient in her that's all that matters. I really hope she gets better soon and puts the weight back on. Please keep us updated on her 🐢
  8. Thanks for the tip! I will certainly be trying that one out πŸΆπŸ˜›
  9. Aw they look lovely and perfect! They do grow very quickly and start moving quit rapidly! Ours were little torpedo slugs before they could walk! Look out for their eyes opening at about 2 weeks of age... they should start trying to sit up and stand up quite quickly after that, then the funny drunk stumbling starts!! I'm pleased Sky has started to eat again, fingers crossed it continues and her appetite returns!
  10. Here are some pics of my little monsters all grown up now 😭 and my little cute Ghostybum. Pink blob and blue blob are now sold! Luna and Theo respectively. Toilet training is going very very well right now, very optimistic they will be minimum pad trained but with a good amount of house training before they leave from the 2nd July. I'm devastated that we only have a week or 2 left with them. Though we are still keeping the last pup and both new owners so far are enthusiastic to stay in touch with us and do meets every now and again!!! Mummadog's milk has all dried up nicely, she does have discolouration on her underbelly though.... I'll get a pic tonight - we're started to put baby oil on it to help the skin, I think it's mainly where she was carrying so much milk the skins got sore and rubbed for a few weeks as she was so swollen. She is definitely her normal mischievous self again though, all normal habits have returned and I love it even more!
  11. Oh they are gorgeous. Little squish beans! How long has it been since she has eaten something substantial, is she nibbling in small amounts? I take it she is drinking loads of water and still producing a good amount of milk for the puppies? All toileting ok? I wonder if it is the 7 placentas she ate, they do say it isn't wise to let them eat more than 2, so she may have an upset tum.
  12. No problem, happy to help. Here if you need anything else 🐢 ps. Congratulations on becoming puppy grandparents πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  13. We use a local provider close to us that supplies Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk with frozen raw dog food. We started her on chicken & tripe (with offal and bone) and have now introduced duck, lamb and beef. The actual raw food brand we use is Just Natural - our provider is called Primal Raw Ltd. It just comes in little plastic packets that we defrost and plop straight into her bowl - Ghost was always super fussy but she has never turned her nose up at the raw - took a little encouragement the first few bites, but cleans the bowl every single time now. They eat less of it as well (because it's so naturally rich and good for them) that they don't need as much so actually works out cheaper than other foods. Bonus point - makes their poo amazing to pick up! They are teeny tiny because there is hardly any wastage from it and they are solid as a rock because of the bone in the diet! She's never had a runny tummy on it either, and don't need to wean her on it, you can just swap it straight away because it is that good for them. I'm sure you'll be able to find a local provider that services your area. I really can't sing raw's praise enough if I'm honest, Ghost is in fantastic shape with it - I wish we had done it sooner!
  14. They get them so quick don't they, forgive the phrasing; but it's out on end and straight in the other! 🀒 With the puppy food, trying softening it down with some hot water before feeding time we also used a royal canin puppy appetiser moose type thing mixed in - smells horrific, then we swapped her diet completely. What is her normal food? We put Ghost on to a raw diet pretty quickly after their birth actually as we had some milk problems and she never touched the puppy food again as the raw gave her everything she needed, also gave her raw goats milk mixed with water. We have kept her on a raw diet and the pup we keep will be on it as well - as it's just amazing stuff. Glad she's toileting well, and she's straight back in there with them! I'm just so pleased for you!!!!
  15. Aw beautiful that you are keeping one! The interaction as they get older is fantastic to watch. It does just make you swell with pride watching your little fur baby have babies of her own! How is she eating and toileting? Something we hadn't considered which snuck up on us is their claws, watch out for them - as they will be kneading Sky's tummy and their's claws are little razor blades, we used a nail file just to flatten the tops to make is a bit more comfortable for her - that'll probably be in a couple of weeks. Super well done to you all! Such a stressful thing to prepare for and you've all done wonderfully. Happy to help with any next steps or any other advice you need - just a message away.
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