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  1. Thanks! Do you have a suggestion for cleaners? I think limiting her water intake during the day is good. I take her out when I wake up and again right before I leave. We think she may have some separation anxiety. We found some toys to help with boredom and that help calm them down. We're also working on our schedules to leave her alone for less time!
  2. We got her directly from the owners.
  3. As far as I know, they gave her up because they were working 10+ hours a day, and moved in to a smaller apartment.
  4. Robke- is she really bored in that short of a time frame? We had just gotten back from a walk. What do you recommend during the day?
  5. I have a 4 yr old female husky mix, she has been checked out by the vet and is healthy. we adopted her a little over a month ago and she's been great, up until last week. She has started peeing on the couch and getting in to trash while we're gone. The longest she's ever alone is 9 hours max. She goes out twice in the morning and twice in the evening and gets plenty of play time. This morning, I had left and my roommate was getting ready, there was not even a half hour period between when i was gone and he came out of his room and she had gotten into the trash. There wasn't even much in it.... She will go for 10ish hours at night when we are at home, so its not like she isn't able to hold it. We would like to avoid crate training if possible. any advice would be great.
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