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  1. Stey with ToaW IS GOOD food using it for my puppy aswell 5 month just try replace food slowly start from 20% of new food then add abit more every day it how i swich from royal canin ,after about 1week pup was normal as for puppy and the wight is just fine , if hes dont wonna eat do like i do add abit natural bio jogurt
  2. dont have pic of parents , was on my phone but i lost it ;/
  3. Ah yes was few people ask me if this is puppy wolf i just start cry hahah ,even one person come with arctic fox thx for replay<3
  4. how u think hes will still change ?, they look beautiful ye i know is normal, just wonna know if hes looks like normal husky puppy cuz i cant understand why some people keep asking me do she is pure husky or mixed for me she dont look like mix breed ,but wonna ask some more exp person
  5. Heya all am new on this forum ,i buy like 3 month ago Siberian Husky puppy sweet girl Arya i got one small problem in park some people asking me is a husky? and then when i replay yes it is they going to oh hes is pure husky? can some more exp eyes can tell me if hes looks like a normal 4 month and 3 weeks puppy?,weight 14kilo i see both parents 100%husky, but no pepers ,hes was only one female who got brow eye + 1 of hes brother rest blue ,bi will add some old pic aswell sorry for my bad english thx alot for all replay

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