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  1. Thanks, I'm planning to fix him this month. So, fingers crossed that'll end this behavior
  2. I guess that's possible. Thanks! Let's hope neutering fix that behavior. I know right! He's never done it to any other breed. No, he's only turned 1 year old recently
  3. No, he's still intact. I'm planning to get him neutered soon though since we now have a female pup in the house.
  4. Hi! I've had this issue with Odin since he entered puberty; he's sort of aggressive towards young puppies - but ONLY husky & malamute puppies. He gets along fine with small dogs when off leash in the dog park, but once a husky or mal puppy comes in I have to chase him around to make sure he doesn't hurt it. The first 'greeting' he does towards the puppy would be to run straight to it, wrestle a bit then bite the neck. The puppy was terrified and crying and he still won't leave it alone. It's scary to look at and scary for the puppy owner too. He'll growl and try to pin the puppy down, and bare his teeth when I pull him away. He'll go back to chasing and biting the puppy's neck if I let him go. It seems like he's turned into a playground bully and I'm really concerned about it. How do I correct this behavior? We don't always meet husky or mal puppy during our visit to the park so I have only few chances to correct him so I need to do it right.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! It's so annoying that they can be picky even when fed real meat hahah. I guess pickyness isn't really something they'll snap out of then. Any of you multiple husky owners? Do they eat better in the company of other dogs? Odin seems to be eating better when I left him in the boarding place lol.
  6. How is he doing though, is he on the skinny side or is he looking good?
  7. aww lucky you! I wonder if spaying helps a dog gain weight. He's bright and active so I think it's just him being picky, but I'll ask my vet when we go for his yearly shot soon.
  8. Hi all! I know, I know, this must be a topic that has been overly discussed, huskies are picky. My question is, does your husky (if he/she was or still is picky) ever snap out of it? Like, does he suddenly not skip meals etc. My husky is 15mo, and he reached 44lbs maybe a couple month ago. However his weight now drops to a mere 37lbs last time I weighed him He feels bony along the spine and hip. Ribs feel fine though. It's just that his tummy tucks in so much it worries me. I know huskies fill out when they're about 18-24 months – does your husky eat more when it happens? He was on Nutrisource for most of his puppyhood until he refused to eat it any longer. I switched him to Farmina Top Salmon which he loved until recently. I really don't want to keep buying new dog food. I take his bowl if he doesn't eat it in 15-20mins and he'll eat when he's really hungry but that's like every other day if I'm lucky. We go running, swimming, and long walks so I don't know why his appetite is that bad. He eats dinner but not breakfast, and sometimes he doesn't even finish that one meal. Any advise?
  9. Noted thanks! I'll try my luck in the morning. I can't really predict his schedule during the day/evening yet. That doesn't sound too gross, honestly. We've been cleaning up his mess anyway I'm trying that right now, fingers crossed. Lol that sounds gross, I guess she learned her lesson the hard way Oh and one more thing, did any of your dog refuse to go while on leash? I read somewhere else that puppy might hesitate to go while on leash. That might be a bit of a problem as I was planning to take him to go in our front yard – but it's unfenced so I have to keep him on a leash
  10. Don't dogs usually eliminate over other dogs' mark during walk? Or that doesn't apply in their home? Both of the huskies are male, and Odin has started marking during our walks. Thank heavens he isn't tempted to mark over Onyx's pee.
  11. It's not that spacious, just enough for adult husky to sniff around and do his business. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of too, I might try taking him to other area of the lawn and see if he likes it better I clean the area at night with odor eliminating cleaner, he still won't go in the morning. Fussy little guy lol.
  12. I can understand the accidents, but I need him to go potty in their toilet at least once and I haven't succeed up to this point :| he'll just hold it in stubbornly
  13. Hi! My husband and I just got Onyx 3 days ago, he is 15weeks old. He and my older puppy Odin (8mo) seem to get along pretty well. The only problem I have with Onyx is potty training him! We have a small area at the back of our house that Odin happily uses as his toilet, but Onyx completely refuses to use it I took him straight after he woke up in the morning, after meals, and after playing but he just won't go. Tried taking him an hour later, still no result.. And then just after I gave up he peed on the floor! I don't understand why he seems to dislike the toilet so much! I know he's older than Odin when I first got him and he can hold his bladder longer, but I remember Odin still had to go straight away after he woke up in the morning.. I really want him to be housebroken, but it's really hard to get him to go in the toilet area so I can't praise him in the moment Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
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