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  1. Alanw87

    Long lines

    Thanks for your reply , it's not that they pull its more a long line for them to be able to go a decent distance but for me to have a hold of a line incase they go too far , there are a lot of deer where we go so want them to have as much space to run about as possible but mento have control incase they chase down the deer
  2. Alanw87

    Long lines

    Yeah we already have all that , we have a 15m line we currently use with their harnesses , just looking for something bigger to give them the freedom to explore but still having control over them . also while it wasnt from this reply the people saying you should never let a husky off leash maybe don't give their dogs enough credit imo. With constant training we've had no issues with ours disappearing or hunting smaller animals and also lets be honest, if any dog wants to make a run for it they will, not just huskies .
  3. Alanw87

    Long lines

    In the city we take them to the park are they are always off leash .. Their recall is fine in these situations but up Glencoe if they see a deer curiosity will get the better of them. Having a really long line so they can still roam about but we ultimately have control. Last thing I want is them getting lost up there .
  4. Alanw87

    Long lines

    Hi all , I'm wondering in there are any extremely long lines avaialble on the market. Highest I've seen is 50m . I have 2 huskies and although well behaved , we enjoy walks up through Glencoe with them and there's too many deer around so let them off leash , having them on a very long line would give them the freedom to roam but also give us the security knowing they are leashed if anything were to happen . any info would be greatly appreciated thanks
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