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  1. Hi Paul I've sent you a message hope to hear back soon.
  2. Hi Guys I have no pictures on this computer but will post some later. Hopefully this does not break any forum rules. I am wondering if anyone is interested in rehoming a 4 Year old white blue eyed Male Husky in the UK. He is lovely no behavioural problems (usual Husky, listen when food is involved etc). He is lonely. I cannot get another Husky and i think he is simply not happy. Couple with that my wife's allergies have increased and we constantly groom and clean but it is not helping. I want to reiterate i love this dog, i am not asking for money as i would rather he went to th
  3. Hi Guys I would like to stress that by far no decision has been made on this I am purely looking for experiences of rehoming a Husky and advice if I did choose this route. We have had Chase for nearly 2 years now from 10 weeks old. He is, as Husky's go brilliant. He isn't perfect on the lead but to me he isn't the worst. He just loves other dogs and playing with them. He listens when food is involved and generally is well behaved. He stays in the garden a lot as he loves it and is crated which he seems fine at unless you leave him when he has a little moan. The issue is my partner is
  4. I may take the advice on the behaviorist, as i am looking at a couple now. Now she told him no when he was trying to get to another dog so went to move him and he turned on her. He does this and he does it out of frustration, he has done it before and it is because he is being stubborn and not liking being told no. But this cannot happen an i will get it out of him. But there was no reason other than he didn't like being told no.
  5. Ok so Chase is 10 months now. All in all he is a typical Husky. He play mouths and barks as answering back. Adolescence has hit hard. However the other day at day care he was being pulled away from another dog and he bit the girl, now he didn't draw blood he bruised her but this is not acceptable and not the first time he has reacted like that in frustration/anger. I need to know what is best to say when i am not around. I have put a check collar on him now so they don't need to put hands near him but i was wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar? Chase se
  6. I have used it for months now, his Guard hairs are fine, as long as you are light. The furminator is not a blade but a fine brush. As long as you are soft and use it lightly it doesn't pull anything. Chase is a huge woos, if it was pulling him, he would tell me about it.
  7. I use the furminator..... gets so much out...
  8. Thank you, we have decided to wait until about 2 years now. I was trying to avoid buying a bigger crate as his XL is getting too small for him. So i will buy an XXL crate and use that until he is 2 i think.
  9. let me know how it goes, i am curious, mine is 9 months now and always crated but i would like to create a place for him when we move so he can roam when we are out.
  10. My gf picked one of these up a few weeks ago, went great in his crate to cool him down in the heat, he has managed to split one now, only one of the length but thats typical. Hopefully the rest holds up.
  11. Don't even get me started on that.... firstly why get a dog if you are going to not pick up poo, secondly why plaster my pavements around my house with graffiti saying you will fine people when you NEVER try and catch them and there is poo all over them. They could make a fortune.
  12. Oh i agree there Paul. 30 years ago as a society we placed dogs much higher up as importance and this issue was not around. Almost everyone enjoyed dogs for what they are and i think that made it so much better. These days we are expected to educate our dogs but no mention if people do not educate their kids etc. I 100% agree, we encourage every child who strokes ours to ask first and then we generally monitor it as he can be overly playful. The issue is dogs are becoming less acceptable in society i feel. They are barely allowed in places anymore and if they are it has to be adve
  13. I totally disagree that owners are ok to have a dog off lead. No matter how well trained of a dog they are animals and unpredictable. How many times i have already heard, oh he/she has never done that before is just crazy. Dogs off lead in general is generally illegal. Also do most people read and understand the dangerous dog act? Any dog can be put down for being off the lead whether the owner feels in control or not, in any area. Any human has the right to feel safe from dogs and therefore a dog off the lead may not allow someone to feel safe. I have actually read about a dog that SNIFF
  14. This is Chase, who i constantly get told is a white German Shepherd. He can't be Husky my mate breeds them, and a breeder at the school told me he is definitely got white GSD in him. I hate being told what my dog is having seen his Mum and dad lol
  15. My boy goes off the lead in an enclosed park regularly. he always came back. I would still never let him off in an unsafe or un enclosed area. he recently has just stopped coming back, no rhyme or reason. Huskies.....
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