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  1. I'm not sure either actually. I know of people who feed theirs dogs once a day with no issues so I can't figure out what about my situation is so different. What does their raw food diet consist of if I may ask?
  2. Yeah, I was considering hypoallergenic food too. I really am glad to hear that switching the food to something more sensitive seemed to work right away. I don't want my dogs to be uncomfortable so this should really help.
  3. Good point! I'll keep that in mind as well.
  4. Yes, they are up to date on their worming although that did cross my mind. Part of the reason the vet suggested feeding three times a day is because of the length of time between meals. However, with the brand of food it's possible that it just doesn't have nutritional substance keeping them full either. I definitely think a switch to something grain free is needed. I'm glad to know I'm not the only husky owner that faces some of these problems! I think I'm going to try Taste of the Wild to see if there is any marked difference.
  5. Oh, that's awesome. Thanks for answering so quickly! I'll check it out and hopefully see improvements.
  6. I'm really glad to hear that while it is more expensive you are using less of it. I never really wanted to use the Purina to begin with, but the cost has been my whole concern. Have you found that your dog's stools have been consistent on the food you currently use? I want to slowly switch over to the new food and hopefully see a positive change for both of my girls.
  7. ProI have two female huskies that are two years old. They're sisters from the same litter and I feed them Purina Beyond Naturals dry dog food (chicken and rice formula). They are fed 1 3/4 cup of food twice a day. One of them throws up on a regular basis and when I asked the vet about it she said to feed them three times a day. Unfortunately, both myself and husband work during the day so that's not entirely possible to do that. I'm sure I'm not the only husky owner that faces this issue of working and not being able to do something like this, but I need a solution. She has plenty of energy, lots of water, and exercise. Issue number two is that no matter what, both dogs have soft stools. They frequently get diarrhea and we do NOT feed them anything but their dog food. They don't even get dog treats. Their tummies seem to be the most sensitive of any dog I've ever had. They only "treats" they have are benebones, but they've had those since they were little puppies. Does anyone else face this problem? I've been wanting to switch to a higher brand dog food, but they go through it so quickly it can get expensive.
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