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    Kettering, Northants, UK.
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    Full Time Canine Behaviour Student & Husky Mum.
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    26 Year Old, Vegan, Canine Behaviour Student from Kettering. UK. I have Asperger's Syndrome and BPD. I keep Siberian Huskies and Foster for Huskies in Need. I also Keep Pet Chickens and Reptiles.
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    Animal Behaviour. Training, Rescue and Rehab
  1. omg who is that with the Mew tattoo.??
  2. Not worth the risk, EVER with my two and fosters. only ever in specially secure dogs parks with high fencing.
  3. need to dye my hair and take new photos my hairs grown loads and it almost reaching my chin at the back. x also hav a fringe, hair is currently blue with natural roots, but thinking of using my unsed dye and making a red purple mix over blue, should be interesting if nothing else. LOL
  4. Me & Charlie. I'm the one with dreads. Me & Robert Me now i.e - BALD Me with my wig on. Me and Aura Me & Luna
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