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  1. Dear all, It's Queenie & Prince. Day time is fight time. But night time is cuddling time. Totally pack oriented canine. Thanks... Sam.
  2. Hi there fellow Indonesian... Greeting from my two precious, Queenie & Prince... As the poty problem, just hang in there. Withing days or sometimes weeks, your puppy will get the concept of it. Just keep on the training, and always use positive reward when he's doing good job. Btw, as for the poty trained your dog outside.... Well, not all neighbourhood (in Indo, or even in any part of the world) welcomes dog who drops "treats" everywhere. So unless you are dicipline enough to clean up after the pup, then better use poty pad (with layers of old newspaper for the base). Cage or crate is good to train a husky about patience, dicipline & dealing with separation anxiety. But pleaseeeee don't use it as a place for them to live day in and out. Siberian husky are breed to be an active dog. Limiting their movement on small confinement will stress them out (which may leads to agresiveness, destructive behaviour, health issues, etc). And lastly... Keep updating yourself with this group. I've learned lots of good stuff here. And I hope you too. Hahahaha... Regards, Sam.
  3. I woke up this morning finding them doing synchronize sleeping. I guess Prince really takes on his older sister Queenie's habit to the core.
  4. Dear all... it's Queenie in the afternoon sun... Thank you. Regards, Sam.
  5. Dear All, I've just been contacted by a rescuer friend asking if I am willing to recue another husky pup (age 2.5 months). I would really like to open my home & heart for the pup, however there are concerns that I may need your expertise & experience to quide me before making decision: First, it's a female pup. And I already homed female husky (Queenie, 7 months). And from the research I've done, it seems like everyone suggesting to get second dog of the opposite sex. Same sex second dog will cause a fight for dominance. Is that true? Fyi, Queenie exhibit all of siberian husky traits in terms of energy level & stubborness. However, she's also very sweet with human childs & don't have any food or toy guarding issue. She also play well with other 2 much older female dog. Another concern is that I feels that Queenie is still in her puppy phase. She play rough, jumping & running around like crazy when excited. She's also still playing bite to me (still on training to get rid of this behaviour). Would it be a danger for the young pup? To be in the same vicinity of such a boistereues Queenie. With the other 2 older dogs, most of times they just ignores Queenie's puppy antics. But they also never mind to let Queenie had it when she's beeing too anoying (just growling & occasional slap paw in the face, never bite). Please share your experiences... Also, any tips would be highly appriciated. Thank youuuu.... Sam.
  6. Well... since there is no snow here in Jakarta, Indonesia (if there is, we need to alert WHO|Climate Change ASAP), I could only submit this photos collage of my baby Queenie holding her ice. Fyi, this is how she likes her sleep prepared, with a block of ice for her to lick, play & hug. Regards, Sam.
  7. Hi again all sibe parents... Just want to update on the progress with Queen and her sleeping in the puddle habit. We visited the vet last Saturday, to do some check up, and also to have her vaccine. We finally have her paper, and turns out she's 6 months already. Her paper said that she had her vaccine before, but due to her previous life (she's a rescued sibe from a neglect owner who can afford to buy but not to provide care), we decided to do the vaccine from the start again just to be sure. And like I've guessed, the vet doesn't like the idea of her sleeping the entire night in a puddle. It may caused bacterial growth from the dirty water. So, against my own heart, I start to crate her at night. Just to get her into habit of sleeping in dry land. And plans to let her off it once she forget her old habit. She's been very good, and learns her crate training quick. Especially since I also provide a fluffy silicone mattres & ice block in her crate. Note on the mattress. It's fluffy but not absorb any water. So the ice can melt and stay cool on the bottom area, but did not get her fur wet. She lick & play with that ice untill she's ready to sleep. And by that time, the melted ice provide cool water on the base of her mattres to sleep on. And even if she's a bit wet, I know for sure that the water is clean. I made that ice block myself. Hhehe... Regards. D & Q
  8. I got my Queenie because the previous owner hated the fact that her blue eyes turned brown as she grow up. And the breeder didn't want to take her back because brown eyes husky is hard to sell. She's beautiful in my eyes. And my eyes brown too. Btw, Quennie is mix duck. Her entire phisic is a husky, but her bark sounds like a quack.
  9. Hi all, it's me again... Thanks so much for the replies given. However, I still have my concern. To play in water puddle is always a okay. I even put a small tub of water in the yard for my kids (read: 2 Samo & 1 Husk) to play & cooling down during the day. But to sleep on it? For hours on? Will the water puddle not creates mold or some kind of green under husky's thick fur? I worried that my baby girl Queenie might get skin infection or something latter on from this habit. Btw, starting this evening, I actually put her on leash, just to ensure that she's sleeping in dry land. Now she's sleepin in the granite floor, which is quite cold during the night. She's only using her bed when I curled up with her there. The second I got up, she's going down to the floor.
  10. Hi all... I'm looking around for an answer of my husky sleeping habit, and found this forum. Hopes you can shares some enlightenment to my situation. Recently, I fostered a 4.5 months Husky. And loveeee every minutes of having her in my house. However... I found her sleeping habit's weird. See, she likes to sleep in a puddle of water. And she's doing it at night, where the temps is actually quite cold. Especially for Indonesian tropical weather (my house is on a hill, and surrounded by green environment). I hate to contains my "child" on a crate. But I can't stop worrying if this habit will be bad for her health. What should I do? Anyone can gives me some explanation? Any clue will be highly appreciate. Btw, for comparison, I also fostered 2 older Samoyed who both sleeping in their own bed & blanket. I understand that Husky thrives on cold temp, but so does Samoyed. Yet, only the husky does this. Please anyone gives me any clues to this Husky's behavior... Thank youuu
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