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  1. Where do your dogs sleep? How often are they let outside? Are you the work from home type?
  2. Definitely not true, my dogs are all "manageable". My 3 dogs are all crate trained but also have free roam of the house. It is their safe zone. They love it. I just say crate and off they go. When we're winding down at night and the TV goes off, they all jump up and run to their crates. Again, it's their safe zone.
  3. I think it's always a good start to have them be care trained. Even if you veer away from it later on down the road. To have them respect and love the crate is a great thing. Mine loves it and is in heaven when he gets to sleep in the bed on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings.
  4. My 5 month old Blue does this as well. But it's only out of wanting to okay when you pet him or he's riled up. Not sure how to stop it either but I was hoping he'd grow out of it. We have two Chi's and that doesn't seem to help, he plays a bit dominant with them lol.
  5. My puppies name is Blue. A 5 month old Siberian Husky. We rescued him at 8 weeks old. We live in Connecticut, USA. Thanks for having us here... 8 weeks old 5 months now
  6. Hi, my name is Blue. I'm a 5 month old Siberian husky. And one more, the first day we rescued him at 8 weeks old.
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