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  1. Well, as I am sure is common, I have spent some time reading on this forum and gotten lots of good ideas over the last few years. I finally decided to join because I have a problem. My 3 year old Husky has decided that she should get to play with the deer that we sometimes have on the slope behind our house. In the pic, you can see that the fence is about 7 feet where she is. She ran up the wall and used her front paws to pull herself over. I caught her just as she perched on top. When we bought the house, it had a 4 1/2 foot wall. That lasted about a year. The 7 foot one has lasted another 2. I can't raise the wall any higher, due to city codes. She was raised by a calm, GSD and they play all the time. I know she would never have tried to climb the wall had there not been 4 deer back there. Anyway, I am looking for suggestions. I won't put her on a tether, and would like to avoid the crate (really not fair to the GSD).
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