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  1. I was thinking she might be a Pomsky, she looks like one in the first pic with the round face!

    If she is a Pomsky it is possible that's she's older as they are quite small

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    If it is a pomsky then still be a handful, we have one 16 months old now and still so playful. Got him at 16 weeks from a well respected breeder fortunately.

    I agree yours is extremely cute. Shame they grow bigger and slightly less fluffy. Great dogs all round anyway.

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  2. Hi all,

    Thought would introduce ourselves as just found this section on forum.

    Im jason,

    Dog is a pomsky called samson he is now 13 months old and a lively little fellow who puts up with alot from my 3 year old son.

    Training going well with him however he likes to chew things now mainly his own beds and crate base.

    When we first got him


    And about 4 months ago.




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  3. Hi,

    Just signed up to this forum today as only just found it.

    We have a pomsky and hes taking more to the husky, full of energy and the looks of a husky.

    We walk him for a while and he never seems to run out of energy.

    He's 1 year old and we have had him pulling us on our 3 year old sons trike and obviously our son has had a go also with our control of the dog and with each of us he gets a fair amount of speed so hes clearly strong enough to cope personally.

    What scooter would you recommend to get, harness and how would i measure for the harness?


    Thanks in advance.


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