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  1. Honestly, i don't have much experience with this but just recently i had gotten a puppy and so did my sister, but she couldn't handle it and out of a impulsive reaction i said i would take hers. Well after a day of research and handling the two puppies i finally came to the conclusion that i could only handle one puppy at a time. So i sold one of the puppies to a good home and kept the other one. The puppy was calm and quite when he was with his brother but after separating them he is now having to get use to being alone in his crate. He will cry and whine and howl so i assume separation anxiety can be an issue if they were raised together and never have to be left alone. i also assume that he would have less connection (bond) with me than he would with his brother. i can easily see how trying to train two puppies at the same time may be difficult. When training you have to give one puppy your full attention. trying to train two dogs at the same time may be confusing for the pups. if they were mildly trained then i don't think it would be an issue to reinforce the behaviors but when starting off with a new trick or command i would assume you should only train one at a time.
  2. Hey Guys and Gals I'm new to the forum and new to huskies. I have owned a border collie named Kylo-Ren for almost a year and now i am a proud parent of a husky/golden retriever mix named Snow. The Border collie was tremendous work and effort and truly one of the hardest puppies I've ever raised, but snow has been very easy so far. Anyways i am wondering whats going on in my pups' eyes. My border collie eyes' changed from dark green to brown when he was a pup but it was honestly so gradual that i hardly noticed. Snows eyes, on the other hand, has changed so dramatically that i have to ask if this is normal. He was born with blue eyes that looked like his dads eyes (husky dad). When i finally got him, it looked like his top eye was darker and i didn't pay much attention to it. Now after 2 days i have noticed it more. I know that husky puppies eyes can change but i thought it would be uniform and just go from light blue to dark blue to brown. I have also heard of parti-eye and I'm wondering if that is what it looks like. Either way i love my puppy and he could have red eyes for all i care, i just want to know if it is normal to change this way. 1st pic is when he was 3 or 4 weeks i think, second pic is of his mom and dad, and the rest of the pics are him now (6 weeks). He is very CUTEEE!!!!
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