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  1. Don't give up i have two 8 month old pups and they are great the joy of these dogs will give you will out weigh the problems are you actually accompany her when she goes out to pee as you need to make sure she as gone ? i would take my two out every night before I went to bed and watch them do their business this way you would no they had around a 2-3 hrs window for their next movement. I would get up take them out let them do their bit and then bring them back in . i have read that for every month old they are they can hold their bladders 1 her and this did seem about wright for my two. They were going straight through the night around 5 months old but still wake up the odd night for a wee or a number two but this is very rare or if my daughter as gave them two many treats. best is get a schedule and stick to it have a play time so it tires her out and then sit with her and stroke her she will soon learn this is a good time nipping my two did this for a short time but as Rachel says a good firm command of stop and then to don't interact with her until she's farmed down . don't give you will get there .
  2. Hope everything goes okay for you both best of luck mick
  3. Luka and Blu after their 8 o clock walk
  4. Thought I would put a pic up off me old mate Kody the sock eater. And my two new boys luka and Blu @ 7 months with me daughter
  5. Hi rachel my old husky kody would actually eat socks because my daughter was younger then and would leave than on her bed or when we would take the clean washing up stairs kody would be very sneaky and get one then we would find in the garden in the poo area when nature took. It's way. we never had any issues with the sock getting stuck and never had to take kody vets because of it but we wouldn't no he had ate one until poo patrol. probably best to keep a eye on him and his poo if he shows signs that he's not his usual self get him off to the vets that's what I would do ? hope everything goes ok mick
  6. Hi Doug i have two pups 7 month old luka and Blu here they are at around 5 months and then again now speak soon mick
  7. Mick.A


    Ok Emma I will try that many thanks mick
  8. Mick.A


    Been to the secure field today the boys loved it I was trying to upload a vid but having trouble on how to do so?I but here are a couple of pics. Luka likes to cool is feet after a good run lol. Really good on recall today but I wouldn't dream of letting them off lead anywhere in secure as our husky if he got off he would come back two days later or I had to bail him out of the the dog wardens pen
  9. Looks great mate I I have it all to come My pups are growing up fast mick
  10. Mick.A


    Thanks for the welcome. i will be a regular visitor here now i have attached a few more pic of my pack the black and white is my old friend kody who passed away in February at the good age of 13 miss the old boy. bye for now
  11. Mick.A


    hi my name is mick and I have two Siberians 7 months old luka (brown and white ) blu (grey and white . I seen the website after looking for info on when to start running them with a bike would it be okay for these to be on the bike attachment at 7 months not running but a slow pace to get them to like the bike at a early age or best to wait until they are 12months ? I take them to a secure field once every week and they go crazy for half a hour then they are worn out its £5.00 for half a hour in the field well worth seeing them run off the lead. they are great at recall in the field but after having huskies in the past I wouldn't let them off lead as the need for them to play with other dogs and distractions is to much. great website . bye for now. I
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