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  1. Look how she changed! I'm amazed about how she managed to change so much in just 6 months! She was a really light red Husky and now it's a dark red!
  2. Thanks godness my Hera doesn't bark, doesn't howl. I even thought she was mute (seriously)! If I sleep with her in my bed, that's ok. If I leave her outside, that's also ok for her. Sometimes I think she even doesn't care about these things hahaha You will not traumatize her if you just leave her crying. The thing is, if she perceive that she catch your attention when she cries/bark/howl/yell like a banshee, she will do it every time. You don't have to punish her too harshly, but you can't be too soft as well, otherwise she will do it every time.
  3. And she is still changing! If I check the pics of her from 1 week ago I can easily see the differences! Its like a box of surprise! hahaha
  4. Yeap! I had to help her with the canines, because the permanent teeth was emerging beside the baby ones and I have her a little help with those
  5. She started with a weird circle around her eyes. That started showing when she was little... But now it's all smoothly hehehe Her puppy hair it's almost all gone, just in the head that it still remains. I think she is more beautiful now than before
  6. Hi all! Just look at how her coat changed over time! She was a light-brown husky and now it's more like a red-copper or dark copper I don't know hahaha The more incredible is that the time between the photos is just 2 months She was 4 months yo and now she is 6 months yo
  7. Sorry I took to long to answer! I didn't see your message! hahaha I was more concerned because I live in a warm contry (Brazil) and I think that the weather would be more severe on her if she is a Wooly coat. here is how she is now:
  8. I don't think he will be a wooly. I was concerned that my Hera was a wooly too, but she isn't. Her four was all fully when she was younger, but know it didn't grow much, keeping almost the same length, basically. I have pics of her, but somehow I can't hollows through the mobile app :/ And your dog is too young to you to determine it yet. Hehe Sent from my SM-G920I using Husky Owners mobile app
  9. I felt it! hahaha I have bites marks in every single inche of my arm! lol
  10. I just wanted to share the video that I made with Hera, using the One second everyday app [emoji4] She is 3 months old now [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G920I using Husky Owners mobile app
  11. I'm gonna do some search on a better hardness. I was think on those Easy Walk harness, it seems good!
  12. I've seen this indi-dog website once, but I have to import it to Brazil and the fees are extremely high! haha
  13. Hello all! I'm buying a harness for my puppy and the one that I've found is adjustable from 55-90cm for the chest size. She has 45cm as it is now and I'm wondering if 90cm is enough. What are the chest size of your Huskies? The harness that I'm willing to buy is attached. Thanks guys!
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