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  1. Welllllll.... let me be honest with ya, my husky is almost 4 moths old, her names Buffy... I am a single house hold, so it's just me and Buffy. With my job I work Monday's through Friday's from 6:30am till 3:30pm... sometimes I don't get home till like 4 or 5 in the afternoon, that's not all the time as most of the time I do make it home shortly after 3:30. I am off weekends. my point is my husky is left alone that entire time while im at work, I HATE leaving her alone all that time but she's kind of grown accustomed to it now. She knows momma has to go to work. Keep in mind that I got her when she was much younger at a month and a half when I first started having to leave her at home for 8+ plus hours at a time. Now that she's 4 months old now she is kind of use to it. So my friend I am living proof that it can be done!!! Lol, trust me those extra 2 or 2.5 hours should be fine lol.
  2. Decided to take some pics of my baby, she'll be 4 months on the 22nd awww how time flys!!!
  3. Wow beautiful dogs there omg! I love there harnesses too by the way!
  4. Doug!!! Hiii just wanted to say hello, and introduce myself and my baby girl "Buffy," she's a 3 and a half month on Siberian Husky, my names Lashawn.. it's so nice to meet you, I am very new to the group as well. Looking forward to more conversations with you! Here's a recent picture of Buffy.
  5. Oh woooww that is so amazing hahahaa!!! Another Buffy?? So I have to ask now... What made you decide on that name for you Husky? For me I am a big feminist, and Buffy the vampire slayer was a strong icon and especially for women. So I chose Buffy for my husky because I wanted her to represent a strong female name as well lol
  6. Ahhhh too cuuuute!! Thanks im a have to get Buffy one
  7. Hahahaha agree a 100 percent, I still get asked and Buffy wears pink bows and everything. Awwwwwwww!!!! So cuuute!!! He is simply breathtakingly beautiful omg!! That blue really adds to his appeal nicely! Hahaha awwwww he is so cuuute!!! I love that harness, where did you get it from?
  8. OMG!!!!! Okay I take my hat off to you lol, that looks like that would have sent me into faint mode hahaa
  9. Sister girl I take my hat off to you!! Sending nothing but loves and hugs to both you and Mia from me and my husky Buffy!!
  10. Buffy LOVES her new pink harness, she picked it out all by herself LOL! She's a "pink" kinda girl hahaa!! i would love to see some picks of your guys Huskys wearing their stylish harnesses.
  11. Hahaaaah!!! That CD would have came in handy tho lol but seriously that's what im starting to learn now, hide EVERYTHING!! But every now and then Huskys will always find a way to surprise us... There too freakn intelligent for there own good. Smh....
  12. Hii Im new to the forum as well, my baby girl Buffy is now a little over three months and I love her to death!!! your intro was so heart warming it almost made me cry!! You are doing a wonderful job and keep it up! Im Lashawn 23 years old and I am majoring in computer animation! Heres a few pics of my baby husky Buffy the first one at a month and a half, the second pic is her as of today sleep in the bed lol
  13. Hahahahaa hahaa!!!!!!! Yeah I see your point there LOL HAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! Dang it can take quicker than 4 minutes?!? Omg you have no idea how bad she likes to mouth off!! Hunniiii I tell her something and the howling just keeps rolling hahahahaa Oh my...... Okay that is worse hahaa, how is he? Emma great tips!!!! Thanks so much for that! I can totally feel you on the ripped up the house part, she's already ripped up my carpet smh
  14. I leave the room for LITERALLY 4 minutes and this is what I come back too.... Guys does any have any tips on how to fix this type of behavior lol, I know she's a puppy and they get into mischief.... But omg
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