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  1. Hello from Miss Mya and myself! like you, I wanted a husky forever! Miss Mya came into our lives May 19th. We couldn't be happier. She'll soon be 6 months old. She is pretty calm herself and only gets super excited when company shows up or its zoomie time. Lol other than that she's super mellow. I agree with the be patient, patient, patient!!!! I can't stress that enough. Enjoy every moment. Love every bit of fur and fluff and drool and kiss that comes your way.
  2. Hi ya! He's beautiful!
  3. Hi and welcome from Miss Mya (5 months old now) and myself.
  4. I was told Mya was beautiful and had amazing blue eyes when she was a puppy. Mya is barely 5 months old. I'm a tad Confuzzled. She is still beautiful with blue eyes. So go figure. i do agree with you Mark....I think she's part mountain goat and kangaroo. Must be those blue eyes.
  5. There is an air conditioning vent under Miss Mya....somewhere. She's an ac hog! At least she's cool.
  6. I'm sure others have had this issue
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