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  1. If he is , but both of his parents are husky (seppala is the same breed just working dog not show )so we can't prove anything , he can have wolf/dingo in DNA , but I can't know . like I said before I don't have a job
  2. Yes hopefully! and i been told that but i need to find a job first then he will go straight to a vet to get checked out
  3. Seppala is a type of sleddog, they usually look mix then purebred. also they have thiner coats and larger ear and they can look like a typical Siberian husky. Many dogs can look mix but is really a purebred dog. A while back like 3 years ago I posted about a pinto husky and a lot of people told me she looked purebred as well as yourself but later on I figured out she was a mixed breed . she was half GSD . nothing wrong with that but am saying that even if the dog looks purebred or not doesn't mean they are. (dont be fooled lol) He is Turing 6 months this month and he is underweight as well and he small for his age. Right now we are in Mexico visiting family and been here for a while but in a couple of days we are heading back home and thats where he will get his healthy dog food, here in Mexico don't have that plus dog food is very pricey for cheap dog brands. Another thing is that he looks so much like his mom but he is more tan then white, plus I adopted him from a young women in Mexico , no one wanted him because they didn't want to waste their money on him because he had a hernia and is large not a normal do i got him. There is so many dogs that look like huskies that you never know unless that pup comes from a breeder but i haven't gotten a chance to get one plus i rather rescue then buy. you never know whats in your dogs DNA unless it has papers. My dog has husky characteristics , he looks like a wolf from far way but once you get close he looks like a coyote . He has a saddleback and normal husky mask , just he more tan then a typical husky. I had GSD before and seen them up close and they are huge this guy is not even close to them but he does have big paws and hes getting white in his chest and about his hips well i am doing a fund-raiser because i don't have a job right now to get him checked out . I feel like he is half seppala cause alot of things point out to that breed ( i think i solved my own question ) here is a Seppala that looks like my boy and him ( ps he doesnt stay still plus i take bad pictures)
  4. I figured that he can be part Seppala husky because I found a dog exactly like my boy , but my boy is just a bit more darker. But all I know is that he's not a GSD and hes been walking funny , like he has Hip dysplasia but hopefully he doesn't
  5. Yes all agouti and sable look different , I follow someone on instagram that has a husky kinda the same color almost tho .but Hercules siblings all came out like normal colors like /black or grey like a typical husky but only him and sister came out the same color. he just has brown eyes thats all and changed alot when he got older.
  6. Its not really true , a lot of huskies have black tips , its like uncommon but its still possible and huskies come in different colors ,patterns. My puppy has a black tip and has tan, white but now he has gray in his back as well. Not always determine a breed by its because it can be a mix but sometimes the color can give off some of the breeds. And for the ears , not all of them black as well 😁 hope this clear some things for you as well . you learn more about huskies and other breeds when you keep learning more info about them ❤🐾 I know lol people just think huskies just come just white with black or gray 😂 my vet was like he's a mix right because of his coat 🤦🏻 he clearly never seen a sable ,agouti husky before . people are sometimes funny.
  7. hey guys! so i been having a puppy for a while and he has some problems with his hips for a 5 month puppy ,hes been walking funny so I started to look for solutions for him to get him where he needs to be aka to a vet. since hes just a puppy so lets hope for the best Anyways I know what breed he is ( i think) , am very certain hes the breed he is but sometimes it drives me nuts because people always think a certain color belongs to a certain breed and its not always true, like the vet i was going too. I go with anatomy of the dog instead of the coat color. But what you guys think?? what breed do you think he is and is their any funny stories similar to this?share pictures of your babies as well!!
  8. I taken my pup to the beach and other places so he can get use to people and get better with other dogs. BUT people stare at me and at Hercules, then whisper to their family/friends and say Look a wolf or say stay way since they think hes a wolf lol Oh also my pup is very shy with kids especially toddlers but one day one comes near him and he hides behind me and the parent is like lets go , thats an ugly mutt anyway since my pup didnt wanted to be petted -.- and that same day a guy comes up to me and asks if my pup is a German shepherd x Belgian malinois, of course i told him Hercules is a husky lol some people are funny
  9. Hello! So I got a new puppy after two years, my first puppy was stolen right out of my backyard when I was picking up my sibling. She was being watched by my neighbor but when he looked away , she was stolen. So after that big heart break I got another pup and I fell in love with this puppy in first sight but I keep wondering what coat he is since there are two that kinda look alike . His name is Hercules because he survived a surgery plus i see him as a strong pup.He is the left one and the right one was his sister. He and his sister were the only one that had the same coat, he is a full Siberian husky and almost 3 months. What you guys think?? I think its between wolf Grey or sable or Agouti
  10. So I know when there is a mix husky or a purebred because the way they are figured . so I got a question does these dogs look pure or a bit mixed? Its that the copper husky is giving birth and I was thinking to get one since I lost a puppy from parvo. Am debating about the female copper husky because she kinda looks mixed or probably a fault . what you guys think ? I know purebred makes no difference but sometimes people got to make sure the person is not fooling another person. Also can can some litter mates look fluffier and more pure than others? The last photo is her father
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