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  1. I’m also a raw feeder, I’ve always mixed my own 80:10:10 ratio with chicken, beef, lamb, fish, an assortment of veggies and bone etc but I’ve started to give them a ready prepared raw food 3 times a week from a company online called Naturaw, they love the surf and turf, simply lamb and the chicken, it’s worth a try. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  2. Great heritage [emoji3] I didn’t crate train mine, they hated it no matter what I did, others can advise how to do it. I leave my tv in when I’m out, it seems to help and IMO he’s a little young to be left for too long it can lead to separation anxiety so to avoid this I’d start by leaving him for a few minutes at a time multiple times during the day, let him see you leaving thru the front door, no fuss when you leave and none on your return, other than ‘good boy’ . Try leaving him for 5 mins at a time, then return and gradually building up the time you leave, it takes time and patience and h
  3. As above, he’s too young for treats yet, I started giving my 2 the tiniest treat when training at 12 weeks old and treats should be counted in the daily food allowance otherwise you’ll have a chubby puppy. You can reward in other ways such as playing with him after praise with a ball or a toy. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  4. [emoji849] shedding season, I hoover anywhere up to 5 times a day with my 2, the bladed furminator will rip their fur, I use an undercoat rake, I rake them both 3-4 times a day, it’s the only thing you can do to prevent a fur mess in the house. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  5. A beauty! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  6. What a cutie [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  7. A walking belt might help as one wouldn’t be further ahead than the other and they’d learn to walk together with no issues.........eventually. [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  8. Hi, welcome to you and your pack. [emoji3] Research is an absolute must, they are angels until around 4-5 months and then it begins......... prey drive kicks in and they love to hunt, destructive if left for too long on their own etc, not trying to scare you [emoji33] I’d start to train from day 1, a routine is essential for huskies, good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  9. Just chillin [emoji240][emoji240] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  10. It could work well for you but I’d say be over cautious to begin with, there are many husky owners who have cats and they co-exist well. There are also those who’ve had cats with huskies and lived well together for years and then out of the blue the husky has killed the cat. My two could not ever be trusted with cats, we are surrounded by soooo many in my neighbourhood and for the first 15 mins of their walk, literally as soon as I go out of my back gate, they are on the hunt for a cat [emoji33][emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  11. Hi, you’re in for a ride.......the best kind tho [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  12. I’m of the same opinion, that puppy shots and first booster are necessary after that I feel, in my opinion, that any other booster shots are unnecessary. There are so many articles around telling us we need this and that for our pets, but i think it’s about financial gain for company’s that sell them and the vets. Pet company’s are well aware of what we’re willing to spend on our beloved fur babies but the majority of it is unnecessary, lots of research is needed before we buy into what they tell us is best. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  13. As long as the vet is happy, I wouldn’t worry. Huskies are traditionally medium sized but there are lots of in betweens, my two are big boys, one is 35 kg and the other 37 kg, the vet is happy, that’s good enough for me. Huskies go thru an awkward lanky stage after 6 months, it’s around 18-24 months they settle. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  14. My red had blue eyes at 6 weeks, changed to green and finally amber. My grey’s were brown as a pup and still are, eye colour settles at around 6 months, yours may be bi-eyed. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  15. Hi, [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  16. Most definitely! [emoji3][emoji240][emoji240] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  17. Hi, she’s very pretty. If she starts to develop separation anxiety I would start by leaving her for 5 minutes, going out thru the front door, returning 5 mins later, no fuss on leaving and none on your return, do this multiple times in the day and gradually building on the time you leave her. Give her a toy to play with when you’re leaving, I would also restrict access to the rooms in your house, safety gates work well. Destructive behaviour is common with separation anxiety and huskies are experts at chewing and digging. Good luck! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  18. Just a thought some pups will growl if they’re handled a lot or you touch their paws and some don’t like hands coming towards them. If you’re worried it’s best to see a vet. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  19. I have 2 husky’s (Luka blue may be half GSD, I had a DNA test and the company are questionable, but that’s another story)and if I was adding I’d have a GSD, very intelligent, great guard dogs and loyal. It’s how you train them rather than just about the breed, two pups at the same time is a full time job, I did it with mine, I had Cai first then 9 weeks later I brought Luka blue home. In my experience I think it’s better to train one for at least a year to 18 months then introduce another, you need to spend the time bonding and training before adding another. Sent from my iPhone using Husky
  20. Hi, she’s a beauty! Enjoy this time, it won’t be long before you’ll have a million questions [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  21. Sounds as tho you’re on top of it, particularly with the honey, all you can do now is wait until you’ve spoken to the vet, hope Marley will be ok. Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  22. It was time for Cai and Luka blue’s morning walk, I put the harness and lead on them both and Phil came thru the back gate ready to take them, they were both in the kitchen waiting for him to put the walking belt on, I let them out into the garden (Phil hadn’t put the latch on the gate, he pushed it to and the wind blew it open, we were unaware of this) so they ran thru it..... neither one of us could move quick enough. I grabbed some treats as Blue will do anything for food BUT we live near a sheep farm and we’re surrounded by cats. They were nowhere to be seen, I made my way to the train sta
  23. Run fast ......run free..... very sorry for your loss. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  24. I hope that Marley will be ok and it won’t be like last time. Hugs for Marley Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  25. Agree with the above, I always listen to the little voice in my head that niggles me if I’m not sure about something, if you’re questioning it I’d say it’s far better to have your pup checked out, hope it’s nothing to worry about. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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