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  1. Looks like our Emi's brother! [emoji1360][emoji102][emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. We have a 2 year old female husky Emi, and our poor little Yourkies, males 9 y/o are always dominated...it's in their breed I believe to be aggressive and loving their space. She tolerates and the yourkies allow her space, and she knows their growls are fun and temporary. Just watch your older with the younger, it should soon be okay... Emi's 3.5 years now, although dominates her two Yourkie brothers, she loves to play with them and they love to chase her, she loves the attention...lol, all good here, just growing together in one happy home.... Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Emiko's Grandparents


    Emi loves the couch ends...on top of the floor...lol
  4. Emiko's Grandparents


    Thanksgiving 2017 Emi will be 2..so fast...with daughter Britt...
  5. Welcome! Emi was born pure white with hint of golden blonde, now growing into her 16th month old range, it's beginning to be more defined, a golden strip along her top, legs and her face...all huskies are "Que Cute!!"
  6. Welcome Okami! Handsome husky! They grow so fast, one is a handful..for our Emiko, she has two Yorkie Terriers as brothers and she can be overbearing to those little guys,...heehee...hope Okami is doing well... Emiko has turned one now, Thanksgiving day was her first birthday...
  7. We searched Google about Huskies with hiccups. Emiko, we call Emi is a 5 month old and she does hiccup plenty as you all have mentioned from her water intake: lots. She is our first huskie as we have two 8 year old Yourkies. Emi is our daughter's baby, that's where "Emi's Grandparents" come from. Nice to read up on the many shares here.
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