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  1. 625 (phone) 626 (works PC)
  2. 426 LOL I can see hoards of Husky owners walking their Huskies phones scanning for open WiFi connections to re-vote on different ip addresses.
  3. voted again on my phone from a different ip address
  4. If we keep up this level of voting throughout the year, We'll get close to 20,000 votes. Whoooooooooo
  5. 57 let's see if we can keep up this momentum. Awesome first 24 hrs
  6. find a post by BlueWolf. (like the one a few posts above) click on his name (Bluewolf) this will bring a box into the centre of your screen click on "Start a conversation" off you go
  7. If just 20 people per day vote (and we want a LOT more than that!!!) then we will get over 7000 votes per year. HOWEVER It would be nice to get over 10,000 votes at least this year. So c'mon all those of you who don't regularly vote. Get yer fingers out and VOTE every day. . . . Please. pretty please. pretty please with bells on. I have an angry white german shpherd who will eat you if you don't vote. (I did ask nicely first)
  8. I'm only typing this while I wait for someone to answer the DICTIONARY game. . .
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