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  1. It's not unknown for huskies to "go off" thier food for a couple of days. Were they cooked chicken bones or raw ??
  2. In about 10 years Bindi will accept Iwan into the pack. . . possibly, maybe, perhaps. . . . lol
  3. My ex has a Yorkshire terrier. He barks his head off at Darwin, Darwin just ignores him.
  4. Rob you do need lights mate to stop low flying aircraft crashing into you
  5. Andy


    RIP Tasha No more fences old girl. Run Free
  6. Andy


    RIP Neo You can run forever now
  7. and quite often a husky (or other breed) will get on quite happily with the house cat. however other local cats are still fair game and will become prey if they stray into the garden
  8. RIP Dani I know how you are feeling. We lost our White German Shepherd Echo last Sunday They are playing together over the Bridge
  9. Andy

    A third!

    Hey Jos Doin' a great job up there mate
  10. Solid rubber balls from Wilkinsons half the price of the same thing from the petstore and (almost) indestructable
  11. Andy


    Slartibartfast ( awesome name from the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)
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