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  1. Andy

    My first husky

    Although a little skinny that's usual at this age all ears and legs and no she doesn't look mixed.
  2. Welcome to your worldwide Husky Owners family Apollo
  3. Here's hoping for good news Gary. keeping fingers crossed.
  4. This is something I posted a looooooooong time ago. . . . Sooooo. . . . How did you name your Huskies. .(or any pet for that matter) ?? We have had cats and other dogs before getting Koda And we’ve always gone through a torturous process in finding suitable names. We always start off by getting each member of the family to write down as many names as they can come up with, fun/cute /silly/absurd/normal or just plain boring all are considered. We try to take in to account any striking physical markings or differences. We then combine all the lists and give each family member a copy of the master list. Each person then has to choose thier top 5 names. We then combine the top 5’s and go around again until we have whittled several hundred names down to 5 that we all sort of like. . . . Now we get to the SHOUTY phase. . .lol We shout the names as if calling our dogs from a distance to see how they sound. . .coz. . . When your dog manages to get away from you and is barrelling across the park with the intention of inserting something physically into another dog, nose or. . .erm. . other bits. . . . or. . .deciding that , that teacup Yorkshire terrier is the ugliest cat its ever seen and well. . .it just has to be eaten. You are gonna start bellowing its name to get it to come back, stop or otherwise distract it. It’s at this point that “Veridian Gargoyle Saccharine Snugglebunnies” sounds utterly stupid as you leg it after your dog screaming THAT at the top of your lungs. Or if you have given it what you consider to be a suitable name for your so cute puppy. . .remember when half a ton of Rottwieler is going like a frieght train away from you, and you are shouting “Peanut!!!! come back Peanut” Many really great names have been discarded at the Shouty phase. So we are now down to a couple of names and we just start saying thenm to get a feel, does the dog respond, am I comfortable with the name? At this point we end up throwing the whole lot out because one of us says a name randomly out of the blue that everone just lights up and goes. . .”Oooooh yeah” Such was the case with both Echo and Koda. LOL. . . So how do you name your dogs. . . .
  5. Welcome to the forum, Could be Lab or even German Shepherd, She sure is pretty though. Well done for rescuing her
  6. When Darwin gets over excited yep hacking coughing making like he's gonna throw up. All quite normal
  7. Andy


    Hi, Dean. Welcome Mals are just bigger fluffybutts
  8. I feel for you Gary, We had to make that decision with Echo 18 months ago. You've done everything in your power to keep her going, and she's had a great life with you and your pack. Hugs.
  9. Both Echo and Darwin were rescues. Echo's original owner was a housebound old lady in her 80's. She was not socialised and was very protective of her owner, the social services called the RSPCA to do something about the dog as they couldn't get near the old lady to clean and feed her. We found her fostered with a lady who had a large pack of German Shepherds, She was a skinny shivering nervous wreck quivering at the back of the kennel scared of any interaction with humans or other dogs. We spent 6 weeks going up every weekend and just sitting in her kennel gaining her trust until she came to us and let us touch her. She was 18 months old and her legs didn't know how to work together to run after a ball. She became our gobby, overprotective girly. A loving pack leader who would protect her family to her last bark. We had her for 9 years until bowel and hip problems sent her over the rainbow bridge in November 2017. Darwin was living from a pup with a young couple in a flat in London, left alone all day and not enough exercise they soon discovered that a bored husky is a destructive husky. He had stripped his tail almost down to skin from stress. We took him on when he was a year old, 9 years later he's still a strong handsome boy who loves his walks and gets super excited when he gets to see his extended family.
  10. Andy

    Bark Box

    or when you say play you mean completely shred and destroy in about 30 seconds LOL
  11. Welcome sounds like Luna has found her forever home. If you have questions don't be shy
  12. good luck hope it all works out and she and Marley get on well.
  13. Andy, Kells, Eden-Willow + Darwin
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