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  1. Do you guys have trouble with the fur on the bed where they were sleeping? Are the husky choose the bed to sleep on by themself or you told them to sleep on the bed?

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    Hi there , no I don't have any problems with fur on the bed , only sometimes if their having their blowout [emoji23] Lol, but not normally. I've never stopped the babies getting on the bed , they have their own bed on the floor next to my bed but sometimes I'll wake up and find Kaiser asleep between my legs , ha ha , Layla doesn't often sleep on my bed now as she prefers to sleep outside but Kaiser still does x

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  2. Thank you so much everyone .. i am trying to keep him to his routine as much as possible .. my dog walker is amazing with him .. he takes him on 8 mile runs and through rivers which kaiser is loving .. i have seen signs that he is lonely .. although i would love another dog .. i have to consider my options .. ive stopped his breakfast as he has never really been a big breakfast eater as he hates getting up of a morning .. for a husky he does enjoy his lie ins .. lol .. tonight i made him his favourite and he did eat some of it .. and he seemed to enjoy it .. which was good to see .. but i can see he is a bit depressed and grieving for Reeko .. i hope i can get him through this i really do .. thank you all 

  3. Hi i need advice .. kaiser my loving husky will be 2 this year .. on valentines day my 13 yr old German Shepherd crossed the rainbow bridge .. kaiser has always been a fussy eater but reeko my shepherd would encourage him .. kaiser has hardly eaten all week and im so worried about him .. when i go to give him his food he cries .. as if hes trying to tell me something .. ive tried everything ... any ideas please?? Would be truly appreciated .. thank you .. 

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