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  1. I've never owned a Husky before we got Ghost so I'm still learning all his little quirks.. and there are many. Honestly though the way he went on, he looked like he has an ASBO or something lol
  2. So Ghost is now 16 month old and today, we went to a different beach for a change and there were horses there. This is the first time he's come across any and he went absolutely mental, I had to take him off the long lunge lead and put him back on the short leash. Never seen him act like this before, he was crying and on his hind legs he was pulling so much. Even after the horse had gone further down the beach he was still going mad sniffing their tracks. Is this a Husky thing or do I just have a deranged dog? lol He is very lively when he sees dogs and people but nothing like today.
  3. Ghost is now a year old and has been crate trained since being a pup. Once he started settling through the night at around 5 months old I started letting him sleep in the bedroom with me, and have had no problems with this. I work all week Mon-Fri but my son is home 3 of those days, and looks after him. The days no one is home my Dad comes in middle of the day, plays with him, feeds him and lets him out etc. Recently I've had some health problems so have been off work and home pretty much the last 4 weeks, aswell as this we've gotten new furniture so have had to move Ghost's crate to the back of the living room where the view of the room is restricted. When I've been going out lately he's started acting up. A couple of times I've literally been gone 20 minutes and when I've got back he's been pacing in his crate and panting excessively. When I've let him out he's been overly excited to see me, giving me his "where have you been" howl etc..he does this anyway though. He's also been howling constantly until I got back, and this is a big problem. I'm going to be going back to work soon and want to solve these issues before I go back..can't have him getting stressed, or howling all day when I'm gone. Any ideas? do any calming aids work, could it be separation anxiety, could it be that we've moved his crate? He doesn't seem as keen to go in it as before. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated, thanks :-)
  4. Ghost lies under my clothes airer and gets all the washing covered in hair..I've had to move it so he can't get to it. He lies part under the bed at night and lies up against the living room wall upside down during the day..he's comical at times!
  5. I started him on Taste of the Wild puppy grain free a few weeks ago and he's doing great on it thankfully and I think the ingredients are pretty good. He's tolerating it great and no more runny poo's which also means he's starting to fill out a bit too and gain weight..plus his coats looking in fab condition too so all good :-)
  6. Ghost is really vocal, he talks quite a bit..if he's happy when were playing with him and also if I give him wrong for something he argues back at me which is funny to watch. He's so cute and I love hearing him talk :-)
  7. My husky is 18 weeks now and has always been a lovely light grey and white colour..bizarrely yesterday within the space of 2 hours his coat changed completely! He now has a distinct dark grey line around his neck where his back has turned a dark grey and he has dark grey patches on his tail and eyebrows aswell as torso. I expected he'd change slightly as he got older, it's just so weird that this literally changed in the space of a couple of hours. Anyone else had experience of this?
  8. Thanks//definitely going to look in to some grain free foods and see how he is on them :-)
  9. When we got our puppy at 11 weeks he was being fed Bakers and had very runny poo so we weaned him off gradually like you're supposed to and tried him with James Wellbeloved fish and rice. His poo got no better so we took him to the vets and had samples etc done..all came back negative so vet gave him the prokolin and told us to feed him chicken and rice and scrambled egg for a few days. This went on and still no better even with a bland diet so she told us to wean him off the JWB and try him with Chappie wet food which helped firm him up slightly. It gives him terrible wind to the point where he cries with it and he's started having really runny poo again the last few days, so I really don't want to keep him on it. I'm at my wits end with the whole thing..it's been going on 6 weeks now and I really need to find a food he can tolerate so he can put a bit weight on. I don't mind paying for something decent and am preferably looking for something with a high meat content and not so much cereal etc. Any ideas of what to try him on? He doesn't have any treats at the minute apart from dried meat and carrot. Also how long should you persevere when your'e trying new food? Thanks in advance Julie
  10. My puppy is 12 weeks and although doesn't eat dog poop (yet) he can't stay out of the cat litter tray and tries to eat the cat poop any opportunity he gets..it's a race to the kitchen to see who gets to it first (me to clean it and him to eat it) He constantly had cat litter powder around his nostrils and looked like a druggie. :-D A safety gate sorted our problem thankfully. If your dogs eating poop outside it may be a behaviour thing, especially if you react to it..but then you definitely don't want him eating other dogs doo's incase they're infected. My friend has to muzzle her dog for that reason as he was constantly eating crap and then would end up being sick with the runs as he has a sensitive stomach.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I did think that he wouldn't be trusted off the leader so think I will have to look in to getting him a training lead or really strong retractable lead, then he can still have a mooch around at his own will but secure too. :-)
  12. Hi, Just wanted to say hello as I'm new here. :-) I'm Julie from North East of England. After much reading, researching, oohing and ahhing at Husky videos on Youtube and alot of pestering from the kids we decided to take the plunge and get ourselves a Husky puppy. His name is Ghost and he's 12 weeks tomorrow and we've had him 2 weeks now. He is full of mischief and character and already a massive part of our family..so funny! He was allowed to go out for proper walks for the first time this week and is loving being able to run around, play with other dogs etc. He's getting really good with letting us know when he wants to go outside and very rarely has any accidents apart from through the night (I get up at 2am to let him out then go back to bed). I wanted to ask opinions on recall training..can Huskies really never be let of the leash even with training? I have noticed that even on a retractable leash he comes back straight away if you call for him and give him a treat..he totally loses focus if there are any other dogs about though and his attention is soley on them. Any feedback/experiences would be a great help thanks in advance..and here are some pictures of our furbaby :-)
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