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  1. Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well and getting ready for spring with your pups! Thought I'd update everyone on Hiei as Ive had him for almost two months now. In an effort to socialize him I've been taking him everywhere I can with me and he's quite used to people now. I've started walking him with a friend and his Jack Russel. She's afraid of him due to his size and rough play style but she'll warm up I'm sure. Potty training has it's good and bad days. The bad days are due to me trusting him too much and I know that it's ultimately my fault, so I don't scold him for my mistakes. He's quite receptive to the clicker training though, so I'll keep at it with potty training especially. He's been growing quite a bit! When we got him he weighed about 20 pounds, he's up to a healthy 35 now that I have his worms taken care of. People comment on how much larger he is every time they see him, so I'm happy. He'll be getting neutered next month. Now that he's settled and healthier I'm going to start being quite strict with training everywhere I can. He's started to play more rough and bite the last few days so I know I need stop that right away. Leash pulling is something I need to put a stop to also when we walk on the trail. One question, how thick should his coat be? A lot of his coat feels like it's matted down under the top layer? I know he wasn't given baths and brushed for the first 6 months of his life, so i'm not sure if this is a result of that or if it's just his winter coat. I can quite easily pull that thick clumpy fur out from beneath his top coat. Every time I give him a bath more and more starts to come out, from his waist up to his head he has shed this out, but the hind quarters and butt are still thick under. He pants a lot and guzzles water like no other, wondering if that wooly coat makes him too hot. Here's some new pictures (wish I could rotate them) of him and how big he has gotten. Darkening up a bit too.
  2. Would the 2nd testicle descending stimulate more growth? Vet said at 6 months they start producing testosterone anyway, and she didn't seem too concernee about it affecting his growth. In any case waiting for it to drop would save me $100 i can spend to spoil Hiei, and if it doesn't cause health problems up to 10 months, i may as well wait.
  3. @jmscott still no luck :/ same message on my end
  4. @jmscott absolutely, it says that you can't receive message though, do you have an email I can send it to?
  5. Hmm it seems that the amount of time to give the testicle to descend would be of opinion then... would it dropping help his growth? If so I might wait until a year then, GIVEN it doesn't cause any health issues, although the vet didn't seem convinced it would benefit him at all if it were to drop. It might just be the angle, or he might just be that small! Here's another picture of him @loudlucky
  6. Took Hiei to the vet today...everyone has been saying there's no way that he's 6 months because he's too small at 15.5 inches to the back and 22 pounds.Turns out he has his adult canine teeth, so the vet says he is AT LEAST 6 months, and could be older. She's a bit stumped as to his small size despite having adult teeth, saying he may just be VERY small, could have gotten his teeth earlier than usual, could be a mixed breed, or could be a "mini husky". She postulated that the breeder may have lied to me about many things about him. Most importantly she said his weight is healthy for his size, he doesn't feel skinny, his coat is healthy, and heart sounds good. Personally i think he'll just be small, as the breeder had informed me that he would be on the small side given the fact that his sire was 45 pounds and dam 55. He doesn't look like any mix I've ever seen, and the breeder would have had to gone through a lot of trouble to pull false papers and lie just to sell a pup she was reluctant to let go, and didn't even advertise for (heard about him from a friend of hers). She could have sold him as a mutt pet with no ofa certs, pedigree, or anything special, and for probably even more money if she advertised it as a toy or mini husky. Regarding his one undescended testicle- they want to wait 2 more months, then neuter him no matter what. His fecal test came out negative for parasites, so that's good news, but there were worms in his stool just 2 days prior, so he'll get another test in 3 weeks. What does everyone think about his size and the situation in general? I'm just happy he's healthy, I don't mind if he stays as small as he is, it'll just make backpacking and hiking with him easier!
  7. Yes I fed him the raw mixed with the kibble, I'll make sure not to do that again. The pet store I go to gave me 20-30 sample bags of kibble and raw so i just mixed one of those with the Taste of the Wild and his stomach didn't agree. He wouldn't eat the Taste of the Wild after that at all, but chowed down on one of the chicken based kibble samples the store gave me. I took the Taste of the Wild back and the same woman gave me 20 sample bags of the food he actually ate and enjoyed to see if he'd keep eating it. MOST IMPORTANTLY- I made a vet appointment for him tomorrow morning to get the worms taken care of right away as I'm afraid they may be hurting his growth, at 6 months 22 pounds seems too light, even if he's genetically destined to be a smaller Siberian. I have a stool sample ready to be tested for what kind of intestinal worms he has, and they assured me over the phone that Heart worms take a year to incubate, so they don't even test for those until dogs hit 1 year old, but they said they will give me preventative meds for it.
  8. So definitely make a vet appointment for him just to be sure? Thank you @wolfpup for the link! @SamK Well I've only have him for 3 days now, and he hasn't eaten much of anything to be honest. He doesn't like Tase of the Wild kibble I don't think... and threw up that mixed with some Raw food mix.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcomes and compliments! @wolfpup would you mind linking your post? I'd like to learn about it properly and feed raw. I think he would enjoy it more and get more health benefits from it. Anyone have experience with commercial raws? There are some "just add water mixes" and "just add water + your own meat" mixes, each with a grain or no grain option. They're reasonably priced for the convenience. Pictures attached below. @jmscott thank you for the links! I am trying clicker training out at the moment, working on shaping some good behaviors! I'll definitely do umbilical training a shot, it seems foolproof to me. BIG PROBLEM that is scaring me......The breeder mentioned to me that she gave him one last worming shot before she sent him home with me, gave me a "record" of his past dewormings, and mentioned he probably doesn't have worms but not to freak out if i see stool with them in it. Sure enough he has worms in his stools, they look like roundworms from what I can tell. The "record" she gave me is written all with the same pen and is pretty bare bones, accounting for everything as "2 weeks" "4 weeks" etc instead of actual dates? The names of the wormings are Pyrantel for weeks 2, 4 and 6, and fenbendazole at 2, 4, and 5 months. The "record" also shows shots of "Solo-Jec 5" at 6, 10, 14, and 18 weeks. Important to note that he was kept outside since he was born, and he paws away at the snow and pulls up grass/dirt too, i know the eggs can be transmitted through soil. I sent her a picture of the stool containing many visible worms and she said he's had all of his dewormings, was given another before he left, and to use safeguard wormer on him three days in a row, wait 3-4 weeks and do it again until they're gone. I ended up buying a liquid brand and giving it to him orally via syringe, but he threw up some of his food a bit later (vomit did contain a few worms, but not NEARLY as many as the stool), so it might not have been fully absorbed? My mother says to feed him some Food Grade Diatomaceous earth once a day for 30 days and it'll take care of them all including the larvae. Even if she did write up the deworming and shot record just before i got there, she is a responsible show handler and breeder who tests her dogs genetics before breeding, so I want to believe she actually did worm him along with his littermates at the same time and just didn't keep individual records for each of them. You would never be able to tell he has worms just by looking at him/his behavior though... He's got a healthy amount of fat, isn't anemic, has a ton of energy, isn't coughing, and doesn't have a swollen belly. Bottom line, should I trust that she gave him the wormings and let them take effect? She seemed like a really nice and honest person, and did tell me that he wasn't house trained at all. But If he was supposedly given all of these dewormings would be still have worms at 6 months? If he has intestinal worms could he also have the dreaded heartworms? Should I take him to the vet to get him tested for heartworms, and get treated for the intestinal ones just to be sure? Or just treat it at home with the Diatomaceous Earth? What do you do for your dogs if/when they get worms? She also mentioned he is a little on the small side for coming up on 6 months (birthday August 16). the highest point of his back is 15.5 inches, and he weighs 22 pounds. I was told the sire weighs 45 pounds and the dam 55. Could he be on the small side because of the worms inhibiting his growth? Sorry for the lengthy post, but I am just obviously a concerned parent lol.
  10. So after a bit of searching for the right pup I finally found one and brought him home. He's a 6 month old pup that the breeder was going to show but due to family circumstances was unable to. As a result of him being a show prospect he is debarked, something I did not know show breeders did, but nonetheless I'm fine with it. Only one of his testicles has descended and the breeder told me to either wait until the other descends or wait until he is a year to neuter him, whichever comes first. I named him Hiei (He-ay). His parents are both OFA hip and eye tested, sire's hips excellent, mother's good. Sire weighs 45 pounds, dam 55 so it seems he'll be a bit on the smaller side but that's okay! Upon meeting him he was a bit shy, but curious. He seemed to want to play "chase me" (a game I'm avoiding playing with him to prevent him thinking running away from me is okay). I was given vaccination records, copies of the OFA certs, a pedigree of the father, and AKC papers. I met the dam, she was beautiful and well mannered. Hiei was fantastic on the ride home, he didn't make a sound, he just sat up and looked at the things we passed, looked at the speakers when he heard an interesting sound, and then slept when I turned the music off. I was so surprised. He seemed to be doing well so i took him to the pet store where he was more even more sociable than when I met him.Upon arriving home he captured the hearts of my family members and acclimated well to everything. He loves his crate and slept through the first night without crying, so no need to crate train. The only issue we ran into was that he had 4 accidents the first night. He didn't show signs of wanting to go out so i think house training will have to be from scratch, but admittedly I should have let him out sooner after he drank a bit of water for two of those accidents. I'm following these guides for house training. Whenever he had an accident I would tell him no in a calm but firm voice and take him outside immediately after. http://www.siberescue.com/articles/housetraining101.php http://www.huskytraining.net/housebreaking-your-husky-puppy.html Any pro tips for house training a husky? What worked for you and what didn't? The breeder had Hiei on a mostly raw diet with some kibble. I've been reading about both raw and kibble diets and cannot discern what is fact from hype from either camp. I want to say that feeding high quality kibble is probably the safest bet as long as the ingredients suit your particular dog? The choke hazards, bacteria, and possible nutrient deficiencies are what scare me about raw diets. I know there are benefits and downfalls to both so I'd like to know... What do you feed your dogs? What do you think of each diet? For now I bought Taste of the Wild kibble,but he didn't touch it the first night so i'll offer it to him today and see what he does. As of now I'm just trying to acclimate him further and establish myself as the alpha by doing the small things like: giving him crate time since he loves it, walking through doors before him, taking toys away after play, putting him belly up and touching his belly, paws and tail. Any advice on anything "new husky pup" related is appreciated! I'm so excited to be a part of the site with a pup of my own now! Can't wait to share stories and experiences with you all, cheers.
  11. I'm leaning pretty far toward this guy given that his parents are both OFA hip and eye certified and Jmscott said he and his parents had good coats. Thinking about picking him up Monday...his price is $900. How would you classify his coloring? What might he look like when he's older? Will his eyes lighten or will they remain that dark?
  12. Don't feel like a drag! Everything you're telling me is very useful, I might ask them for the Dam's information then go from there, but at the moment it looks like the Kentucky Pup is my best bet so I'll consider him and keep my eyes and ears open. You're helping me much more than you know, I truly do appreciate it
  13. Looks like that tag worked I have spent countless hours scouring the web, making calls, sending emails and more, but I know it'll be worth it! I found another pup here in Michigan, he's pretty handsome and the sire has been checked. They also show him in show position which seems like a better sign than most puppy ads ahaha. "We have 1 handsome boy left Available out of our litter of 6. Sire is: Echo Call's Silver Bullet (He is OFA Eyes Normal/Clear & OFA Hips Excellent) Dam is: Khloe Isabella Harris (she will be getting her eyes and hips done soon) Pedigrees and health clearances will be listed here too. Puppies were born December 1, 2015 Ready to go now Have been de-wormed 5 times with Pyrantel Pamoate and Fenbendazole, They have also received a preventative for Coccidia which is called Totrazuril. We make sure our babies are well taken care of. They are very socialized with kids, woman and men. Has had his 1st set of shots done on Jan 14th, but will have 2nd set done Feb. 4th if still here. We have 1 male still available. 1 Black, Gray and white with tan around his Blue eyes PRICES ARE: Limited AKC papers (meaning pet only you will not be breeding this little one) $650 Full AKC papers (meaning you will be able to breed or show this puppy when old enough) $850 These babies come with a free 30 days of AKC pet insurance too. COMES WITH A PUPPY KIT TOO. Pedigrees will also be listed too along with pictures of their mom and Dad, and them. For more information you can call me Or email me through here. :-)"
  14. I was thinking that 4 litters at once was a bit suspicious myself....Yeah I just checked her kennel out in the database and she's only tested 2 dogs and none of them for eyes, I think I'll stay away..Your Husky and her family have had many tests done, all coming out well! I think I'll check on the first pup whose parent's tested good and excellent, and talk to Paula a bit more. Once again thank you for all of your feedback Jmscott, I'm learning a lot and I can feel myself getting closer to finding the perfect pup.
  15. Here are pictures of the parents from the kennel up north a bit. First four pictures are of the dams, the last two are of the sire. The pup in Kentucky is tempting, but so is getting 2nd pick of four litters.
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