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  1. Brilliant, thanks for all the info.
  2. Ah cool, thats a great idea! Thanks so much. If I can ask, what is Marleys typical food bowl made up of? Kodi will be fine with meat and bone (doesn't like fish) and will eat tripe if he's in the mood. thanks again
  3. HI everyone. looking for some advice on raw feeding. Had our boy over 4 years now and we switched him to raw a couple weeks after we got him from breeders. All good until a few months back when he just started turning his nose up at it. We'd feed whole chicken, pork ribs, beef/ribs egg etc all the standard stuff. Tried the old pick it up after 15 mins and then leave until next dinenr time but he beat us in a battle of wills. We've tried all manner of prepared complete minces, chunky/small mince, Wolf Tucker and various brands. No joy. We got him to eat only chicken breast and legs/wings but found it was liver and offal that he wouldn;t go near. So my question is how can we keep with raw and get the vitamins and minerals he needs if he wont go near liver/offal? thanks in advance
  4. law

    The Beast

    He's a lovely dog.
  5. Actually from yesterday - via puppy cam
  6. Seems to have done the trick for Kodi, he has 3 preferred places near our house where he will pee and poop, so the scent will surely be a marker. He does still have little accidents inside and still uses a pad now and then but I would guess he is 90% outside now and rarely in the garden. I started taking him out ever 2 hours just to keep reinforcing it. If he's busting and you get him out in the morning he'll go right on the front step. It's 100% a patience and reiteration game.
  7. As a new owner of a Sibe I can give you my inexperienced advice Kodi is now only starting to go in other places. He initially stuck to his pen and puppy pad but we persevered and started taking him out regularly so he could have his little accidents in the garden. It really is just patience and continually taking him out. So he went from pen, which he still uses on occasion (and also the floor, he's still a baby after all) to the front garden, then he wouldn't go anywhere but there. So we guessed when he was bursting and took him to other places for a pee, poop took longer and we had to take a little of his business to another location so he could smell it. Its still work in progress but he is gradually getting there.
  8. law

    HI everyone

    Good tip, I have some spray that I got with the puppy pads so I will check and see. We put the pen across the living room door with puppy pads in it and he goes in there of his own accord, if we let him roam about that's when the accidents happen. One question, I know they say if you see them starting to pee then to take them outside, he's done by the time we even get near him My plan was to get him used to going to the pen in his own time and keep taking him outside at more predictable times such as first thing and straight after dinner.
  9. law

    HI everyone

    Seems to be settling in to a routine now. We have a crate for sleeping and a pen for pooping He's been really good at going to the pen today and its now the only place he's been for toilet. He only had his round of vaccs on Saturday so today was the first we could take him outside, he had a wee potter around the garden. I'm trying to get him used to the pen being his go to toilet and will gradually move closer to the door over the week, will keep trying him outside after eating and sleeping. He's crashed out now, hard life
  10. law

    HI everyone

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. What a day its been, he is absolutely exhausting Settled in no problem and trying to get the toilet training going, literally hit and miss.
  11. Hi, joined this morning just before we go pick up our new pup, Kodi First husky for me and fulfils many many years of adoring these fantastic dogs. We'll post up some pics when we get him home.
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