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  1. Definitely a beautiful puppy. I agree that we all think our puppy is the cutest on the planet, I can't stop admiring the beauty of my new baby.
  2. Yes, I recently watched Robin Hood again and I love him in the movie. He may have been a bad guy but he sure plays one extremely well.
  3. Love_my_Husky

    My puppy Thor

    He is 8 weeks old now, I was wondering if they would change again. The green is beautiful and it would be nice if he kept them but I figured they may change again. Thanks for letting me know. I'm sure they will be beautiful no matter what color.
  4. I recently bought my Siberian husky puppy and was looking up everything I could about the breed. Then when I noticed my puppies eyes changed from blue to green I googled how rare is it for a husky to have green eyes. That's when I found a forum on this site that I read and decided to join. I'm looking forward to being here and learning everything I can about training my new puppy.
  5. Love_my_Husky


    You don't worry about your dog running away? I am a new husky owner and keep reading everywhere that you can't let them off the leash or they will run and may not ever come back.
  6. Is it possible they just over fed the dog? Maybe not enough exercise?
  7. Love_my_Husky

    My puppy Thor

    Awesome white Siberian Husky with green eyes
  8. Love_my_Husky


    Puppy, white Siberian Husky with green eyes
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