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  1. On Monday Marley went into surgery to remove a very deep sebaceous cyst that keeps blowing up. My normal vet did not want to do surgery because he said it was too close to an important nerve in his spine. However around 4 weeks ago it burst again, very late on a Saturday night and I was on my own. I cleaned it up as best I could and got out as much gunk as possible. Last Saturday when the scab was coming off more gunk came out and loads of very hard lumps. I took them to the vets (with Marley) but could not see my usual vet as he was away for 2 weeks - I saw his partner instead. After looking at the fresh wound he said that it had to be operated on and removed or it would keep coming back every few months for the rest of his life (it has come back three times in 9 months). The incision is around 3 1/2" long - this was how it looked around 11am this morning. By 11.30am it had opened completely so I had to rush him straight back to the vet. Unsurprisingly I got straight in to see the vet - he was bleeding all over the place. He is currently back in surgery to have it restitched - this time probably with staples as the disolvable stitches originally put in did not hold. He cannot wear a 'cone of shame' as he panics so much and has epileptic fits - so the vet thinks they may have to give him a Thunder shirt so he cannot get to it, - and more importantly neither can Mikey - who is way too interested in it. Also he said he would try to up his pain meds with a long acting injectable pain killer. So that's two anaesthetics in 3 days - with another one in 10 days to remove the stitches - Marley will not sit still for them to take them out - it takes three to hold him just for a sedation injection. (Drama queen does not even come close to Marley). His epileptic fits have always occurred when he is coming round from sleep - so he really does not need this. When he went in for the original op at 8am he was first on the list - but it took him so long to come round I could not pick him up until after 7pm - they rang me at noon to say he was starting to come round from the anaesthetic - but he took another 7 hours before I could get him home. Think I am going to be in for a long night.
  2. Hope your boy is ok now.
  3. Do any of your dogs get hot spots? Marley had his first one a few days ago, he suddenely started biting at his right elbow & at first I thought it was a flea bite, even though he is on Billy No Mates and Flea Away from www.Mange.Org.UK (both safe for epi dogs - Marley is epileptic). Next day when I could get a good look at it, it was about 1/2 inch across, red, inflamed and oozing and I realized it was a hot spot. Now I dont like meds of any kind if I can get away without them. I used two different preparations. 20 drops of Calendula tincture, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and half a cup of warmish filtered water (to disolve the salt), I waited 10 minutes for the alcohol in the tincture to evaporate and then soaked some cotton wool in the mixture and bathed the area, keeping the cotton wool on the hot spot for a few minutes. About an hour later I made a strong black tea (ordinary tea bag in half a cup water) once this had cooled down I then used the teabag on the hot spot - keeping it on as long as my boy would let me (about 3 mins in his case). I alternated these two each hour for the rest of the day and evening. Next day the hot spot was dry and had stopped itching and Marley had stopped gnawing at it. Calendula is an excellent skin and wound healer and the salt is drying. The tannin in the black tea is also drying. This works best if used early on - as soon as you notice it. I hope this helps someone keep their furbaby away from the vet and vet meds. Its certainly worth trying first.
  4. Oh my - what a handsome boy - wished I lived in New Jersey ......... and had not just adopted another husky. I cannot answer your question about whether he will fit into your family - it depends on the husky and your other dog as well as loads of other circumstances. Is it possible for you to take him for a few weeks before they move? Will he have access to outside whilst you are at work? Do you have SECURE 6ft+ fencing? Will you be able to take them out for at least half an hour before work and an hour after work? A bored husky can be destructive - as I found out to my cost - my first one ate an arm off my settee and another arm of an armchair - but he was younger - around 11/12months old I think. He is 3 years 8 months now and I have just adopted another husky of 3 years 4 months. Huskies do best with another dog around - but my two are still trying to get used to each other - luckily we are at home all day. Whilst you have to protect your furniture and property .................. do you really think it is fair to keep him crated for 9 hours a day whilst you are at work? Is your other dog also crated whilst you are at work? Others, far more experienced than I with huskies, will no doubt be able to advise you more - these are just my thoughts.
  5. I am so sorry for your furbaby - how could anyone - let alone a groomer - shave a husky? She obviously does not know what she is doing - personally I would sue. At the very least I would make a complaint in the local newspaper! You are going to have to be careful to keep him out of the sun - he won't have his cooling system anymore. I am worried as I found out today that Marley has to go in for an operation on his back - I spoke to the vet at length about just how much of his coat he will have to shave off - at least he said he would try to save as much of his guard hairs as possible, Marley is a wooly and his fur is around 3"-4" long on his spine - which is where they are operating. He said he will try to keep the area to about 6" square if he possibly can. I am so sorry for you and your baby.
  6. Got to be a husky's idea of heaven!
  7. Marley gets on fine with Socks, will play with him, and they will rub faces and even groom each other. However if he sees another cat in the garden or outside he goes ballistic. Outdoors Mikey takes almost no notice just stands and looks at them - but Socks is a different matter altogether. Our trainer is bringing a muzzle with him tomorrow and we are going to try getting them in the same room. Mikey will be muzzled and on his lead - just to make sure. We will let him see how Marley & Socks interact, then if the cat wants to he will be able to get up closer to Mikey (although I doubt he will - Mikey is the only dog we have had that Socks is afraid of - and he has lived with 5 dogs in his time). The muzzle is just in case he lunges and gets away from us - at least the cat will survive the experience. The photos are mainly taken after they have had a walk - or have eaten! They are quite similiar in that respect - if they are not actually playing (short bursts then Marley stops), out for a walk or eating - they are both sleeping.
  8. You asked for it - enjoy! As you can see he is making himself quite at home.
  9. Mikey has been here 3 days short of 4 weeks now - the two dogs get on reasonably well, quite a few fights - but I have been able to separate them each time, and no major injuries - Marley had a bleeding face one time, but it was minor. Neither dog is allowed any toys now and all old toys have been thrown away and after about another 2 months of training we will try and re-introduce new toys. Mikey is still resource-guarding me - but it is lessening, he is starting to understand that resource guarding me is only going to get him separated from me - he is either pushed aside or put outside the lounge for a couple of minutes. He is starting to tolerate the fact that if I fuss him I also fuss Marley at the same time, and if I am fussing Marley and he comes up respectfully he also gets his fair share of fuss - but if he herds Marley out of the way - it only gets him shunned temporarily. He is a very intelligent boy and was so amazingly quick to learn Marley's way of telling me he wants a lamb's rib, that I now get mugged by both dogs at the same time - very often they can be out in the garden, and then both dogs run in at the same time and mug me in a joint effort to get a rib treat - it really appears as if they plan it outside and decide to make a united front He is VERY head shy - something his foster mum also noticed, but only with me, not hubby - another thing his foster mum noticed - that he wasn't head shy with her husband. Also he is very 'touchy' about his rear end being touched, stroked - or groomed - nipping me (gently) to let me know he did not like that area being touched. This suggests he might have been hit in the past - so we are being very careful. We had hoped that Marley would pick up Mikey's good walking on lead habits - but unfortunately he is picking up Marley's excitability instead. However hubby has noticed that on occasions when walking them that Marley will go over to Mikey and sort of lean on him whilst they are walking - and vice-versa. I've only managed to go out with them a few times - to the esturary - on their 30ft leads, as I am still awaiting my operation, - however I am back on the waiting list now that my heart is behaving itself a little more thanks to the medication. I dont think the boys will ever be busom buddies - but they are tolerating each other reasonably well 99% of the time - no food resource guarding - when Mikey gets a rib he takes it outside to eat, I only had to point to the back door once and he 'got it' immediately, Marley always brings his into the lounge. Also Mikey waits until Marley has finished his dinner before he goes over to hover up any missed bits. Mikey is not a bit fussy about food, has never turned his nose up at anything, and had no tummy issues from being changed over from kibble to raw immediately so unlike Marley does not have a delicate stomach. It is taking me a little time to come around to Mikey (hubby fell in love that first day here) - I think mainly because of his ice blue - almost colourless eyes - I much prefer brown eyes as I cannot 'read' a blue eyed dog for some reason - but I am getting used to his ways - he has trust issues, which from some of the things I have learned is understandable, and as I am working on those, we are forming more of a bond. One thing however is getting more and more abundantly clear - if he ever gets to my cat he will kill him - this is strange as he does not react to cats he sees outside, he is interested but makes no attempt to get to them - whereas he only has to hear Socks upstairs and then he stays by the hallway gate for the rest of the day and night - refusing to leave it, and keeps testing it trying to get through. I had hoped that as he lived with a cat previously he might be a little more tolerant of our cat - unfortunately this is not the case. However we have enough gates in his way that the cat should be able to find his way under our bed before the dog can get through them all. All in all he is settling in very well, he could have been very much worse than he has been, and I am sure that as the two dogs get to know each other, and read each other more accurately then they will settle down more, with less scraps - they are down to one or two a week now, rather than daily so things are improving.
  10. Beautiful country, beautiful dogs, fantastic photography, wonderful life your dogs have.
  11. Welcome to the forum - what a cutie !
  12. First of all - well done for doing your research first. Some general advice, never, ever let your new dog off lead unless there is minimum of 6ft fencing around i.e. a secure dog park. As a young pup when you are teaching recall they will more than likely come back each and every time .................... but this changes when they grow up - one day your dog will just 'go deaf' - and will possibly be the last time you see him or her alive. I dont use crates - but it is best taught when young if you are going to crate - make the crate a place of fun, safety and security - possibly by feeding your pup in the crate to start with. I have two huskies, Marley I got as a 12 week old pup (but I was his 4th owner even at that young age) and he grew up with an older dog who lived quite happily with our cat, so he is fine with the cat. I recently rescued another husky 3 years old, who used to live with a cat in his first home - so I was hopeful that he would get used to my cat. This is not the case - I can tell by his attitude, stance etc that if he ever gets past the 4ft gate in the hallway he will kill our cat on sight. My cat has lived with about 5 different dogs and looks upon dogs as his friends - but this new dog is the only one I have seen him really scared of - and they have only ever seen each other on either side of the gate. As for exercise, it really depends on how far you can walk or run in that hour I suppose, huskies can happily go out running for a couple of hours, go home, drink, eat, have a short nap and be ready to go out again for another couple of hours running. On the other hand if they get enough exercise in that hour, then playing in the garden with a ball etc, and teaching them tricks (mind games tire them out as much as exercise) will keep your dog happy and well balanced in my opinion/experience. Dont expect your husky to be like most of the dogs you see around, he/she will not necessarily think you are the best person on the planet ....... will react to strangers like long lost friends, (even burglars), will not protect you or stand up for you, will only obey you if he/she wants to, - can see it benefitting them somehow. They have a mind of their own - and they use that mind. Can and will outwit you on numerous occasions and can on occasions be the most exasperating animals on the planet. Having said that, I would never consider having any other type of dog now, they are very challenging, but so rewarding, they can be loving or aloof depending on their mood, but the more research you do now and the more time you put in to them as they are growing up - the more you will reap the rewards of the most fantastic dog on the planet (although I admit I might be a tiny bit biased).
  13. The wild boar should be easier for your boy to tolerate - less grains
  14. With Marley's leaky gut I gave him Arabinogalactan prebiotic so that the probiotics had something to eat to help repopulate his gut and help heal the leaky gut, along with colostrum - had to order the arabinogalactan from the States. Because of his allergies to all grains (except barley) & rice, & soya in particular I have had to cut out all poultry and pork from his diet.
  15. Well they say 'mad dogs & Englishmen" ....................... my two are indoors both vying for the one spot in the house that has a constant (though negligible) through-draught with the back door, lounge door, windows and upstairs windows all open. Nothing will entice them outside - even Mikey will not go outside even for the hosepipe - which is a first.
  16. Welcome to the forum .............................. what is your question?
  17. The other herb was Gotu Kola The mastocyoma metastasizing into her brain is a concern though the vet doubts that since we got the entire cancer via surgery confirmed by cytology. I still worry though. This could easily be the cause of her symptoms
  18. My Utonagan had CCD - his behaviour changed dramatically - it is the same as human Altzhimers (however its spelt) luckily he did not get aggressive with me - but he did with our other dog - its a difficult thing to diagnose - but once it has been then there are certain herbs that can help Bacopa is one, hawthorn berry to increase blood supply to the brain, helps the bacopa get to where it is needed. There is another one I cannot remember right at this minute but will put it up when I find it (I don't need it any more unfortunately).
  19. Would like to introduce you all to Mikey (was Micco - but Mikey suits him better) who we adopted yesterday as a buddy for Marley. He is 3 years old and we adopted him from SHWA. Bearing in mind he has only been here 24 hours he is doing remarkably well, walks nicely on lead (unlike Marley), is interested but not reactive to dogs in the street, whined for about half an hour when I went to bed but then settled down for the rest of the night. He is pure white with a light sandy/cream back - and blue eyes. He is also moulting like crazy! We did a meet and greet at his foster's house - about 25 miles away on Monday - they have 5 huskies of their own - and he was very bolshie/over confident - but we had him brought to our house yesterday to see if he would be any better here. He wasn't for the first hour and we had really made up our minds to say no to him ......... however the fosterers offered to leave him with us for an hour to see how he would be on his own. When they returned an hour later I told them that they had lost their foster dog as we had decided to adopt him. He used to live with a cat in his original home - but he is WAAAYYY too interested in our cat for me to risk any sort of contact without a 4ft gate AND me inbetween them. Hopefully he will get used to seeing Socks around. He and Marley are getting on ok currently both laid down alseep about a foot apart. He loves his raw food, is house trained, the back door is open permanently so I don't know whether he will actually ask to go out - but his fosterers told me that he could open most of their doors - so he may well be like Marley and if he needs to go out will just open the back door by himself. He reminds us so much of Lunar when he was a young boy. Welcome to your new home Mikey - hope you will be happy here.
  20. I recently fostered an 8 month old Malamute puppy (already bigger than most full sized malamutes - the size of a smallish Great Dane) - and realised he had gone very quiet (always a dangerous sign) - He had taken a kitchen roll that I have to reach up for, well over my head height - and had systematically eaten his way through half of it - cardboard centre and all. Luckily no ill effects. Be thankful that he leaves your furniture alone - my husky ate an arm off my settee and another one off an armchair - much to the amusement of some members here . Puppies will be puppies - and a bored puppy will always find something to do - and it usually turns out to be expensive in one way or another.
  21. So sorry for your recent losses. What a gorgeous, totally adorable puppy.
  22. AHHHH thanks for the clarification
  23. My husky is a wooly - just as long coated, possibly longer - and has been just as thick coated - its only because he has now moulted and is raked daily still that he looks fairly 'normal' (for him anyway). He obviously thinks it works - or he would not bother to do it.
  24. Whilst it has been hot here - Marley is walked very early morning (they are back by 5am) - and late at night - during the day if he gets too warm he just stands in his outside water bowl (always in the shade) - but his new trick this year has been to dig himself a hole in a shady part of the garden - to get to the cooler soil underneath. I firmly believe they get cooler better by having wet feet and a cold drink than anything else.
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