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  1. The youngest I have ever had a puppy is 12 weeks - but I would not give a 6 week old any treats - no matter what they were. If you feel you must give him something then I would give a very small amount of whatever you are feeding him. 6 weeks is really too young to have left his mother - should be at least 8 weeks old before leaving. He will be missing out on important life lessons from his mum and siblings (like bite inhibition etc) At 6 weeks they should stilll be weaning. Personally I would wait until 12 weeks - and then be very careful about what I give. Most commercial treats are filled with starch, sugars - and depending on what is given GMO's etc - no dog's system needs that - especially a very young digestive system. At 16 weeks I used to give my boy a meaty bone as a treat - his little teeth would tear at the meat and it kept him happily occupied for hours. He also lost all his puppy teeth on meaty bones - saved our wooden furniture!
  2. Welcome to the forum - and good on you taking a rescue.
  3. Maybe some of our USA based members will be able to recommend one near you - although I dont know if any of them are in California. Do you not have any relatives or friends who could take him - even temporarily?
  4. Can I ask why raw is 'just not doable'?
  5. Welcome beautiful little Loki ......................... Let's hope you do not live up to your name - although mischief is at the core of a husky's DNA.
  6. wolfpup


    WOW ................ what a handsom boy! As for testing limits - that's normal - he is a husky after all. They are scarily intelligent. Marley is the only member of the family who can open my back door whilst it is locked .......................... from both inside and outside the house! He is obviously teaching Mikey (our recent addition) the way to do it as Mikey can now open it from the inside of the house when it is locked. We have tried and tried unsuccessfully to open it ourselves from both sides whilst locked - however I regularly go into the kitchen to find my back door open - but the handle locked in place ................. the door is burglar-proof - but not husky-proof.
  7. This forum is THE most moderate, 'nice' (hate that word but it fits on this occasion) and 'level headed' forums I have ever belonged to, people here tend to self-moderate and think about their answers before typing (i.e. no keyboard warriors here) - which is why I am risking asking for a discussion and your opinions on vaccinations. I doubt that anyone here is in any doubt where I stand on this - for me it is puppy shots only and a first year booster if required. No dog (or cat) I have ever had has had any other boosters in the last 30 years or so. I have never had a dog die or become ill because of a doggie disease that a vaccine could have prevented. I believe that 1 year or 3 year boosters are unncessary - that being said - it is MY opinion, and just and only that. The reason I have been prompted to write this is because of an article I received from Dogs Naturally Magazine in my email inbox today: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/why-vets-are-getting-away-with-murder/ When reading this please bear in mind it is an American magazine - so some of the information does not apply to the UK - however the basic facts and figures are true wherever you live. I would also urge you to read the links in this article - particularly this one: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/what-every-vet-should-know-about-vaccines/ For those of us in the UK - my present vet wanted £385 (from memory) to titre test my dogs 6 months ago - whereas Lanes Vets - which covers a large part of the country charge £79 for the same test. For me, I would rather titre test every 3 years than spend roughly the same amount (in truth I dont know how much boosters cost) for what I believe to be unnecessary vaccinations. When was the last time you had to have a childhood vaccination 'boosted'? I truly am after a discussion and your opinions - I am a firm believer that we all do what we think it best for our furkids - e.g. - we all have wildly different ideas on feeding - but most manage to stay this side of fanatical (I discount myself from this group obviously)
  8. I got Marley at around 12 weeks old (4th owner even then)! he was brought up with my cat and while he has always enjoyed the chase - he does nothing - my cat is not a 'runner' normally, as he has lived with 4 dogs in his time with us (also a rescue). They even groom eather other and if ever the cat is unwell he will sit next to the cat to keep him company. We had no gates or any form of separation until we got our other rescued husky - a 31/2 year old - who has made it his mission in life to kill my cat at the first opportunity. So now we have 4ft gates in the hall, child gates on the top of the stairs and another one at my hubby's office door (where the cat's food is). The cat can also get under my duvan bed - his sister scratched her way through the material as she liked the dark and peace. However I cannot tear that material and it will keep the dog at bay far longer than it would take one of us to get upstairs if every he got through the gates (not really tried in 6 months) At night Mikey is kept downstairs and Marley comes upstairs with me and the cat - Marley is 4yrs and 3 months now - never had a problem. Marley just loves everybody and everything (except he will not tolerate a strange cat in our garden)
  9. We have dog gates and child gates so when we are out they are restricted to one or two rooms - Marley has always had free reign in the house as he can be trusted with our cat - not so with Mikey so unfortunately Marley's movements are restricted to downstairs when we go out. We started with only giving them access to the kitchen and hallway, then added in the lounge when we felt we could trust Mikey with the furniture (new addition about 6 months ago - he is 3.5 years old - about 6 months younger than Marley).
  10. Of my two Marley is a couple of inches smaller in both height and length than Mikey. Marley weighs 25 kilos and Mikey must be closer to 30/32kilos (if not a pound or two over - he is currently on a diet - enjoys his food way too much). Don't fret about his weight at this stage - if the vet is happy, and your dog is happy - then you should be.
  11. So far so good. No more vomiting, no more runs. I was reduced to syringing the cabbage juice into Marley - but he was very good about it and took it with good grace ............... but wanted a lamb's rib treat to follow - his equivalent of a sweetie! He appears to be back to normal but am obviously keeping a close eye on him. Usually the first sign is that he goes off his food so whilst he is eating all his meals I think I can relax again. Just as well - the vet did not ring me back - and I rang them twice. Time to look out for another vet I think ............... unfortunately my current vet is widely regarded as the best one in my county.
  12. Welcome to you and Jet .................... love the pictures. As for zinc this might be of interestzincdeficiencyinsleddogs.pdf You are already well on the way to avoiding this potential problem with feeding raw (there are quite a few of us here who raw feed) - raw sardines and/or herrings should prevent any issues.
  13. Happy New Year everyone - let's all wish for drama/trouble-free year with our beloved dogs.
  14. One of these articles may help https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-itch-fix-heal-your-dog-itching/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/aromatherapy-allergy-relief-itchy-dogs/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/natural-solutions-environmental-allergies-in-dogs/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/5-signs-your-dog-has-food-allergies/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/allergy-relief-for-dogs-top-ten-remedies/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/natural-remedies-for-itching-dog/ Just dont let your vet suggest apoquel https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/wouldnt-give-dog-new-allergy-drug/ I would look to the food allergy one first to see if it describes your dog's issues.
  15. Getting Marley to have the fermented cabbage juice is rather a chore - but he will happiy eat raw cabbage (strange tyke). No further vomitting or runs and he seems happy in himself and eating well (loving the cold) so I am happy with continuing to treat him myself ..................... however Marley & Mikey are curious as to why I rush over to Marley's poos to check them before clearing them away 🤣. Getting him to have the manuka honey is no problem whatsoever though - Mikey also wants some - but I use 10+ for Mikey - he does not need the strength - and I dont need the extra cost. Here's hoping for a drama free Christmas.
  16. Got my first delivery yesterday and the boys had the lamb complete today - they wolfed it down - and with fussy Marley that is saying something! I even managed to hide the fermented cabbage juice in it (he is not a fan of cabbage juice but happily chomps down on raw cabbage) I am giving him cabbage juice as it is excellent in getting rid of ulcers - cuts treatment time down from around 39 days to 7-10 - and as I make it myself I know exactly what is in it. I also ordered the venison and venison chunks - much cheaper than Paleo Ridge and almost no fat in the 3 packs I got - the chunks came vaccum packed - I wont have to cut any fat off (they need fat but too much is not good). I would say that from this first delivery it is very high quality meat - looks and even smells good (and that from a vegetarian). My only niggle is that I find the minced food a little on the dry side - my boys like blood in with their food (i.e. moister) but a teaspoon or two of water got it to the consistency they are used to. 99% of dogs wont have a problem with it - just my lads are fussy. Happy dogs with the food - happy owner with the quality & price
  17. Hello Doggo - my you are a handsome pup!
  18. Marley has gone from 4 fits in 12 days, 3 fits in 2 days in Feb/March 2018 to no fits at all in the last 1 year 2 months and 10 days (yes, still counting). He has never been on vet meds because I found cbd oil and went against vet's advice. I am lucky that the first one I tried worked for him - took him to 106 days, the second one I tried took him to 108 days, the third one (the strongest) stopped epilepsy in its tracks ......................... so far. It costs me £20 a month - MUCH cheaper than vet meds and no side effects. Marley is my second epi dog, and living with an epi dog can be heartbreaking - but also so rewarding. I know a girl who is risking imprisonment as she is paying £120 for 50ml of cbd with high thc content every month to control her dog's fits. For her it is worth the risks - her dog (border collie X) was fitting and clustering every 5 days - and is so far around day 37. She is somehow managing to get hold of the exact cbd/thc that is used in medically treated human epilepsy.
  19. No surprise from me I am afraid - firmly in the camp of feeding your pup REAL food - not denatured starch with chemical, artificial vitamins & poor quality minerals - which is what you are giving your dog with any kibble. Some people here do feed a good quality commercial food - dehydrated raw food - its not cheap but its the next best thing to feeding a raw whole food diet - the same sort of thing their ancestors have eaten for thousands and thousands of years. It also has the convenience of a 'kibble' type diet - you just dish out and add water I believe. If I had the money and a busy lifestyle I might be tempted to try one of those occasionally. I am sure they will be able to give you the names of quality dehydrated foods, I spend 15 minutes a day choosing and preparing my dogs meals from scratch - raw meats and raw fish, you just have to get your head around planning their meals the way you do your own - very quickly it becomes second nature and you dont really think about it. Its also about half the price of the dehydrated raw - costs about the same as some of the more expensive kibble foods (refuse to say better quality kibble - no such thing). Sorry - you caught me before my morning coffee - it's only one old biddy's opinion - but you did ask. If you are ever interested in trying a whole food diet for your pup I will happily spend as long as you need walking you through it, and can send you dozens of articles to help. I have never fed kibble but did used to feed tinned food (about 13-14 years ago - and its not much better) until I started to educate myself after rescuing a pup with severe dietary issues - took me nearly 3 years to finally have the courage to take total responsibility for his diet and change him fully over to a totally raw diet - all his issues went away. To get you started I have found a raw food supplier with execellent ethics, food standards etc, even do a soil association guaranteed organic range as well. Plus it is free delivery. If you think you might like to give it a try just message me (envelope in top right hand corner of the page next to your name). You are obviously a very caring & thoughtful owner - or you would not have asked the question in the first place.
  20. I stand with no more vaccines - have to be honest about that up front. Your best bet is to have your dog titre tested. This will show unequivically whether she is covered or not. The latest science as I understand it is that a puppy done at 16 weeks is covered for life. A reaction of any kind shows that the body is ready to fight any disease innoculated for. Also repeated vaccines can cause lots of problems - as you sadly found out with your other dog, but can also cause epilepsy and other less life threatening diseases. One of my boys developed epilepsy at 10 months of age. I would find a holistic vet and ask them to do the titre test - they are more likely to be able to honestly interpret the results as they wont be wanting to profit from more vaccinations anyway. I am thankful I dont live in a country with draconian laws on vaccination - and do live in a country that is not troubled with rabies. I have had dogs of my own for over 30 years and have never given any of them a booster. We have innoculations and never require a yearly booster - why should our dogs? A titre test will not only allay your fears but also give you great ammunition if your vet wants to vaccinate unnecessarily.
  21. I agree - just keep a close eye one it - if it starts to get too big for comfort you can always have it removed then. Sometimes these things don't grow very big at all.
  22. Two possibilities: 1. The commercial raw is contaminated with something he is allergic to. 2. In the last few months since his last allergy test he has become sensitive to something else. I am meticulous to the point of paranoia in checking how the animal he eats was raised. He used to be allergic to 9 foods, but his last test showed he was allergic to 3 foods and borderline to one. However I have not increased his diet to include the stuff he is no longer allergic to, just in case. A sensitive dog can develop an allergy to anything if it is fed too often - and Marley has been on a restrictive diet of grass fed beef (finished on Barley), grass fed lamb, venison when I can get it, same with kangaroo, herrings, sardines, recently got in mackerel as a change, However I rotate every day - every 2 days max. Additions include bone broth (beef) salmon, asparagus, broccolli, brussel sprouts & blueberries. I am ordering some more colostrum (cow colostrum) the cow is a 'universal donor' for colostrum - all other species can have it. I really dont want him on any more antibiotics if I can possibly avoid it. However his rear end appears to have resolved itself - normal stool this morning thankfully - but that is because of his high fish diet over the last 24 hours I am sure. If it is ulcers all I can do is treat for it then replace his existing gut bacteria with healthy dog gut bacteria again. If it is an allergy then it means his gut is leaking again - it is the only way a food substance can get into the blood stream to cause an allergy in the first place
  23. Tried to get an appointment but Marley's vet is not in today - he is fully booked tomorrow but the receptionist says she will get him to ring me tomorrow. I am giving him a couple of sardines every 2-3 hours to keep something in his stomach for the acid to work on rather than the stomach lining. Also got him to have a teaspoon of 20+ Manuka honey in lukewarm water and put another teaspoon full into the dogs water bowl. Manuka honey kills H Pylori - the bug that causes ulcers. Have also started off some cabbage juice - which will be ready in a couple of days - main ulcer healing parts are L-glutamine, S-methyl methionine. Last time the vet put him on a white fish only diet for 2 weeks - but after that the little tyke wont eat white fish! Also tried to get some fresh aloe vera down him - but he balked at that - possibly a step too far whilst he is so sensitive - will try and hide some in his next couple of sardines. Also upping his slippery elm to soothe the lining of the stomach. Don't know what else I can do at the moment
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