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    Hi all

    All three are gorgeous ! You are in for a wild ride with two pups - at least you know what you are letting yourself in for. Welcome to the forum
  2. Unfortunately they will be bandaging him whilst he is still under sedation on Tuesday so I wont be allowed near him - however I will be telling them HOW I want it bandaged - and this time I want my bandage back! At nearly £6 for an 8" bandge I cannot afford to have them not give me them back.
  3. Well I have a few more questions for the vet on Tuesday. The bandage finally slipped about an hour ago so I got everything ready to try and get more honey into the wound and re-bandage him. He was surprisingly compliant (for Marley) - however once I had eventually gotten the old bandaging off him (they had taped it directly onto his fur! - so rather than cause him distress I had to cut some of his guard hairs) and had a good look at the wound I dont believe I have been told the whole story - if the wound had broken down as she said - then there should be a massive hole with quite a bit of pus. Instead the wound is much flatter than I would expect - and very irregular shaped. It looks as if when she pulled the fur she tore the skin as well as the stitches and has cut that skin off completely He has no skin whatsoever in a patch about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" - there is a little pus just off the centre - about the size of a 5p piece or maybe even a little smaller. I touched nothing on the wound itself - did not try to clean it up - put manuka honey on the dressing then put the dressing on the wound - ensuring it was all covered in the honey - then rebandaged him. Sorry guys did not have time to get a camera and take pictures ................. whilst Marley was allowing me to work - I did! At least I know this bandage is comfortable for him, will not slip and irritate the wound any more. I have lost three tank tops and hubby has lost 3 tee-shirts - and I have two holes in the one I am currently wearing ............. at least he did not completely bite through the shoulder of this one, in his attempt to get to the wound. He has shown no interest in it since I have re-bandaged him - which tells me it is comfortable and not causing him any distress.
  4. I've been in touch with Mikey's foster mum - she is in her 4th year of Vet training - and she has advised me contacting Longridge vets (and hospital) - she says that the owner Paul Thomas has successfully treated many broken down wounds - she does her placement training there so knows them well. However she did say to wait until after I have seen Marley's usual Vet - Andrew Mellor on Tuesday when Marley is to have yet another anaesthetic to have the wound debrided and refilled with Manuka honey. 3 things I am very unhappy about 1) the vets cannot do any work on Marley without sedation and local anaesthetics - yet when his bandage moves they expect me to push manuka honey into his open wound and rebandage him. 2) They said they cannot sell me medical grade manuka honey for him - I am supposed to go to Holland & Barrett & buy medical grade honey from them! They should be providing the honey as part of his treatment! 3) The way they bandage the wound - it slips down and uncovers the wound - when I bandage him it stays in place for up to 3 days without moving. If I can work out a way to do it - why cannot three different vets work out a way? Even if all goes well from now on (and there is no reason it should) he will be left with a 3 1/2" long, VERY wide scar on his spine.
  5. I typed the following in word as my computer is playing up so may come up as being copied and pasted - which it is. MARLEY IN TROUBLE Background - A week last Monday Marley went in to have a deep re-occurring cyst removed. On Wednesday the dissolvable stitches started dissolving and it all burst open so he had to go back under anaesthetic to have it re-stitched properly; Took Marley into the vets this morning to have his stitches out, when they unwrapped him the vet (think Locum as I have never seen her before) pulled the hair/fur away instead of soaking it away - and pulled the wound open again - she removed all stitches – including the subcutaneous ones. She told me the wound had ‘broken down’. He is now bandaged up - the wound filled with Manuka honey. I have been told to take him back on Tuesday (providing the bandaging holds up until then) for him to go back under the anaesthetic to have the wound flushed out, refilled with Manuka honey and re-bandaged. If it breaks down beforehand I am supposed to fill the wound with Manuka honey myself and re-bandage - something the vets are not willing to try and do without anaesthetic ! They have said it could take between 4 weeks and “ages” to heal. He is not allowed any walks, not to jump up the furniture, go upstairs – and we are supposed to keep him and Mikey apart in case Mikey accidentally gets at the wound. I don’t have a crate - and even if I did Marley would not go into it. Both dogs are rescued – with chequered back grounds. Marley is in great pain - whimpering and trying to get to the wound. The vet I am with is supposed to be the best in Lancashire - but they have let us both down. Marley is now back on much stronger antibiotics and back on the gabapentin for pain management - which so far is not working. I am scared
  6. My colour change older husky I thought he was going to be wolf-grey
  7. Welcome to the forum - she's lovely. Huskies ARE stubborn - as she gets older you will come across the well known "you want me to do that? What's in it for me?" attitude - that, and every other attitude you can think of. Its what makes them so challenging, and rewarding. There's no other breed like them. My two are completely different from each other (the other thing about being owned by a husky is that you will soon discover that one is not enough) Never under-estimate her intelligence, and dont let her get bored, ........................... if you don't keep her occupied she will find something to occupy herself - and it usually turns out to be very very expensive - as I know to my cost
  8. Pocholo has stolen my heart - he is just about the most adorable puppy I have ever seen. I cannot answer your first question because I have never come across it. 2. Training time - NOW and keep training for the next 12-15 or so years 3. 5 minutes for every month he is old - 3 times a day i.e. 3 months 15 minutes walk 3 times a day. In addition play sessions in the house and garden you can start training as part of his play sessions. 4. There are various methods to stop biting - I used to yelp very loudly (like another puppy) every time I felt Marley's teeth and broke off any play session - and walked away from him 5. When your training him not to bite works. Other advice is never, ever, trust him off lead unless in a very secure dog park - not only are huskies never to be trusted off lead - he is just so beautiful that someone will steal him. However keep doing recall training all his life - when he grows up and realizes he does not need you (so much) it gives you a fighting chance of getting him back if he should get away from you. Make sure your fencing is very secure and at least 6ft in height - huskies are consummate escape artists. Welcome to the forum.
  9. They are blood tests - and usually takes about a week to get the results.
  10. I've had some fantastic news from the vets. I orderd new allergy tests from the vets the day of his operation last Monday. Finally got the results back around 7pm just as they were closing. Here are the results from Dec 2018 and today: FOOD NOV 18 RESULT AUGUST 19 RESULT SOYA HIGH POSITIVE+ POSITIVE POTATOES HIGH POSITIVE NEGATIVE WHEAT POSITIVE BORDERLINE RICE POSITIVE POSITIVE OATS POSITIVE NEGATIVE CORN POSITIVE POSITIVE CARROTS POSITIVE NEGATIVE PEAS POSITIVE NEGATIVE SUGAR BEET POSITIVE NEGATIVE Whilst I know allergies can change - it shows that the hard work I put in after his salmonela poisoning/antiobiotics and treating him for a leaky gut worked. I have to be cautious though ............. this bloodwork was taken the day before he had this latest set of antibiotics ........................ so I will be going through the procedure again. However it does mean that when I am finished I can start to enlarge his diet a bit and include the occasional bit of chicken and maybe pork ............ Marley's favourite meat on the whole planet. No new allergies whatsoever and NO High Positives. Soya has always been my nightmare after he went into anaphalactic shock after eating meat that had been fed soya (hence him not being allowed pork or poultry). Now I can try them again occasionally. One very happy husky mummy
  11. Marley has been ill for the last week - recouperating after an operation. I am genuinely surprised at how Mikey has reacted - he has certainly been more respectful of Marley's space and not been anywhere near as rough as he usually is. Today for the first time Marley is instigating playtime - but Mikey has not jumped on his back (which he usually does) nor has he bowled Marley over (a favourite trick of Mikeys). He seems to know he must still be careful around him. I know what you mean about shouting - if I do shout (usually 'leave' or 'oi') then Mikey makes himself scarce - fast.
  12. I do the same with the cheese - it helps that Mikey is such a glutton - but last night was the first time it worked. Yesterday when I rebandaged him the wound looked cleaner - only a little redness - the calendula and colloidal silver working their magic. This morning Marley is a different dog - a real pain in the bum - initiating play sessions with Mikey, nudging me for fuss, nagging for a lamb's rib (none allowed before dinner) - I got his 6pm evening pain meds down him at 11pm last night - and he has had none yet today - and does not appear to need them - which is great as I really do not like gabapentin. He really appears to have turned a corner - I've got my boy back ................... I'd forgotten what a livewire nightmare he is to live with normally
  13. I've just spent over half an hour replying to your post - then lost it just as I was going to post. If you want to know the best type of food for your furbaby, and the ones to avoid like the plague you only have to ask - its too late to try and recreate it.
  14. Two nights ago I tried rebandaging a different way to the way done by the vets - and it has stayed on (thank you my old nursing tutor) - Marley has not had a serious go at it for 36 hours so its now getting a chance to heal (where is some wood)! He gets his antibiotic and pain meds in the morning - no problem - he is very hungry. However he always manages to find the small antibiotic capsule in his dinner and daintily leaves it by his bowl - and as for getting the two larger pain meds and antibiotic in the evening ......................... well, lets just say I am going through an awful lot of Cathedral City cheddar! I usually get one down at the third time of asking - he normally eats the cheese and spits out the meds. Have him booked in for 8.30am on Friday to take out the stitches - they dont do sedation on Saturdays which is when his 10 days are up - fingers crossed we get there without any more dramas.
  15. She is a beauty! The usual amount of exercise is around 5 minutes per month of age a couple of times a day so 10 mins at a time - taking her too far may well store up trouble later. Cannot help with the food - I am a raw feeder. There are many different types of bowls you can get that slows down how fast a dog can eat. What were you/she doing when she snapped?
  16. My Utonagan had the runs for the first three years of his life - then I managed to change him to raw food and he did fantastically for the next 11 years. One of my huskies has food allergies to : High positive for Soya and Potatoes Positive for wheat, corn, rice, oats, carrots, peas and sugar beet. He is so bad with soya that he cannot eat any meat that has been fed soya in its lifetime, so no poultry of any kind and no pork, and no farmed fish. I agree that too many changes of food is not good. However have you tried him on things like eggs, sardines in spring water - or preferably the fresh whole sardine - or herring. Both of these contain every vitamin & mineral there is - and as they are prey fish they contain far fewer toxins than fish higher up in the food chain like salmon & cod etc. At his worst Marley was on white fish only for two weeks (raw) then allowed one new food every week. I agree with 2Huskyfun - pre and probiotics - preferably healthy dog-gut bacteria (from healthy dog poo).
  17. Welcome to the forum - handsome lad - what is his name?
  18. Thanks. Have ordered the highest quality of colloidal silver in a spray and the doggie one - Prime will deliver it tomorrow so I can start him on it then. Mikey is just as interested in Marleys back as he is - but I separate them at night so all the damage done is by Marley himself. I am happy that your lad's rear end is better and I hope you manage to get his tummy issues sorted. When Marley had a hot spot I used (alternately) either a calendula tincture or a strong black tea - it healed over in 24 hours and he stopped gnawing at it.
  19. I belong to DNM Elite - and tried in the past to get the leaky gut protocol - it was stopped in Customs. However being an 'elite' member I had access to all the information including a 3 hour long 'Intensive' video with Julie Ann Lee (Adored Beast Apothecary) on Leaky Gut & the Microbiome - and went through the whole protocol using things like Arabinogalactan (this got through customs ok) & healthy dog-gut bacteria. Marley's wound is still leaking - and bleeding slightly - he is fine during the day but in the night he always manages to get the bandaging off, ripping & tearing through the teeshirts, tape etc. then he is having a go at the wound stitches - again! I tried contacting the vets today - but they had just closed - so it looks like we will be back on Monday, although even with the professionals doing the bandaging it didn't last any better than when I do it. So far he has ripped through 3 tank tops of mine, and two of hubby's teeshirts. I checked out the surgery suits for dogs but these wound not stand up to Marley's teeth any better than our teeshirts. I will check out the Ascend. However now when I have to rebandage him each morning I am using Calendula tincture (leaving it 10 mins for the alcohol to evaporate) He does not 'do' pain of any kind and would not appreciate a tincture on an open wound. Cannot get the exact match - however Amazon do various types of colloidal silver - including one for pets https://www.amazon.co.uk/Natures-Greatest-Secret-Colloidal-Antibacterial/dp/B00BU1CSV2/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=silver+sulfadiazine+cream&qid=1566046231&s=gateway&sr=8-5 at least I know this would not contain anything harmful to dogs - although I will probably get the pure colloidal silver as well
  20. Calendula is antimicrobial as well as being an excellent wound and skin healer. The antibiotics are 'just in case' so I am not so bothered about them at the moment, its the pain meds - although hubby did manage to get this morning doses down him this morning in with his sardines - so that should keep him going for 12 hours thankfully.
  21. Stayed up till 4.30am when hubby came downstairs to take Mikey out for his morning walk - Marley not allowed out for a walk until Saturday - then just around the block. He is more awake and 'with it' today thankfully - but still cannot get his pain meds down him. he falls asleep then wakes up with a massive yelp and wimpering. I cannot stand to see him in pain but just cannot get him to eat anything with his pain meds in - or his antibiotics - and believe me I've tried everything in my arsenal. Food, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, bone broth etc. The wound is leaking again - no blood just plasma - so tomorrow I am starting him on Calendula - the vets have done everything they can - now its me that has to step up to the plate to help my furbaby. The worst thing is that he has lost some of his trust in me. I took him to the vet and left him there - - even though he was howling and screaming for me to come help him - the vet hurt him and I then came to pick him up - and he has been in pain ever since - and then I took him back to the vet and left him there again - and when he came out he was in even worse pain. I cannot get him to take his pain meds so he is still in pain. I am a freaking mess inside - which is not helping! Hence taking over with the calendula to try and help him myself - but have been in touch with the vets again today. The bandage they put on slipped overnight but was so tight I could not put it back so had to cut if off - he is now wearing two tee-shirts to stop him biting at the wound and ripping the stitches (cannot wear a collar). Tomorrow I am getting non-stick dressings, crepe bandages, Calendula tincture (left for 10 mins to evaporate the alchohol) - I can replace these every day if necessary. I know I can get the wound to heal - just hope I can get it to heal without an infection inside.
  22. Unfortunately he cannot have rice or chicken because of his food allergies. Am going to the butchers today for some marrow bones and will make another batch of bone broth. I stayed up with him till 4.30am then hubby took over and I got around 3 hours sleep. Finally got the gabapentin down him.
  23. He is home - they have put in full stitches - which means he will have to have another anaesthetic in 10 days time to take them out..................... he does not need this with his epilepsy - which usually happens when he is coming out of sleep normally. They have given him Gabapentin for pain killers - which is obvously stronger than the paracetamol they gave him before - but he will not eat - so I am having trouble giving him the pain meds. He is sleeping because of the anaesthetic - but is in pain so keeps waking up - wont take the pain killers. I feel totally useless. I have tried all his usual favourites, cheddar cheese, cream cheese and my usual failsafe - sardines - he just wont eat anything. I know I will lose a finger if I try to force a couple of capsules down his throat - but I am at the stage that it just might be worth it. He is also on antibiotics - its taken me around 6 months to try and repair the damage done by his last lot of antibiotics because of the salmonella poisoning - and when this lot is done I have to start all over again. At least this vet is more open to listening to more natural options and has given me healthy dog gut bacteria tablets for when the antibiotics are finished - and I already have a supply of arabinogalactin from the USA to act as a prebiotic so that the probiotics have something to eat whilst they are trying to repopulate his gut after the atom bomb of the antibiotic. In for a sleepless night
  24. Unfortunately the cyst is on his spine and this would leave it exposed - I have heard of/seen a 'body suit' and have emailed my vets to see if they can get one for him
  25. On Monday Marley went into surgery to remove a very deep sebaceous cyst that keeps blowing up. My normal vet did not want to do surgery because he said it was too close to an important nerve in his spine. However around 4 weeks ago it burst again, very late on a Saturday night and I was on my own. I cleaned it up as best I could and got out as much gunk as possible. Last Saturday when the scab was coming off more gunk came out and loads of very hard lumps. I took them to the vets (with Marley) but could not see my usual vet as he was away for 2 weeks - I saw his partner instead. After looking at the fresh wound he said that it had to be operated on and removed or it would keep coming back every few months for the rest of his life (it has come back three times in 9 months). The incision is around 3 1/2" long - this was how it looked around 11am this morning. By 11.30am it had opened completely so I had to rush him straight back to the vet. Unsurprisingly I got straight in to see the vet - he was bleeding all over the place. He is currently back in surgery to have it restitched - this time probably with staples as the disolvable stitches originally put in did not hold. He cannot wear a 'cone of shame' as he panics so much and has epileptic fits - so the vet thinks they may have to give him a Thunder shirt so he cannot get to it, - and more importantly neither can Mikey - who is way too interested in it. Also he said he would try to up his pain meds with a long acting injectable pain killer. So that's two anaesthetics in 3 days - with another one in 10 days to remove the stitches - Marley will not sit still for them to take them out - it takes three to hold him just for a sedation injection. (Drama queen does not even come close to Marley). His epileptic fits have always occurred when he is coming round from sleep - so he really does not need this. When he went in for the original op at 8am he was first on the list - but it took him so long to come round I could not pick him up until after 7pm - they rang me at noon to say he was starting to come round from the anaesthetic - but he took another 7 hours before I could get him home. Think I am going to be in for a long night.
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