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    Oh dear, and no I am working on lead but I dont want to have to forcefully pull him back to me. So there's no way of increasing the consistency of commands with him? Thanks for the replies, anyone have any insight of what to do if he doesn't obey the first time, since you're not meant to repeat?
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    Okay,so my 11 month husky knows a few commands. 'Sit' 'lie down' 'come' and 'paw' are the main ones and we are working on 'leave it' and 'stay'. The consistency isn't 100%. Today out on our walk i saw he was running towards broken glass so i used his recall command, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I tried multiple times during our walk but he would not listen. He would only sit if i kept him on the short lead and did not allow him to move until he sat, this took about a full 5 minutes each time. I also find myself repeating commands but i read somewhere that this shouldn't be done, what are you supposed to do when they don't comply, isnt moving on worse than repeating? I am willing to spend time to strengthen these commands but I dont know where to start. The first thing i want to do is build a strong recall that is near 100% (around 50% inside and 0% outside at the moment). The only times he will do a command instantly is if he knows I have a treat, how do i wean him off of these once he knows the command?
  3. Yeah it wouldn't be bad if we were making progress but it seems like every time we take one step forward we go 10 back (excuse the pun) Thank you Jmscott i'll definitely try the attention training. Is there any real advantages to using a clicker vs the traditional verbal praise before a treat?
  4. Yeah ive tried a few but today i focussed on the stop and turn, it wasn't getting anywhere. Im thinking of just getting one of those halti head collars but I want him to be like a normal dog able to walk around freely without getting himself in trouble. Towards the middle/end of the walk i stopped praising because I realised that us moving forward was the reward but still it didnt work
  5. I have an 11 month energetic male husky puppy. I love him to bits but he is a notorious puller especially in the morning he will happily crawl down the pavement dragging you along than walk nicely. I have looked up countless methods to get him to walk beside me on a loose leash to no avail. Today I took him out for his evening walk using the method where if he pulls i turn around straight away and go in the opposite direction. He was happy to walk the same stretch of pavement about 3m long again and again and again, we didnt even make it to the dog park 5 minutes away. Every time he would just start walking in front and end up pulling forward again I'd turn around and he'd pull again it just wasn't sinking in for him and it frustrated me to the point of tears. The longest time i managed to get him to walk beside my was about 15 seconds, I praised him saying good boy and immediately he began to move in front again. I don't know how to stop this, my arms are killing, my shoulders are dead, can anyone help?
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