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  1. Hello Everyone I have a Husky that is not really excited when it food time, also i give him the food and he never finish it, sometimes i have to be telling or maybe moving this plate so he can eat, can someone give me advice on what to do with him, to him so he can enjoy the food and get him to finish the bowl of food Thanks Also i need some advise on how i can get him to gain some weight, i can feel the bones on him,
  2. Here is a update of how they are doing 0801171824.mp4 I see like the older one wants to play now but the younger one still a little afaid of the older one, ( the older is the black and white, and younger is the gold and white) 0801171831.mp4
  3. My husky is a 3 year old, and i have him in a long leash but i let it go and he always walks besides me or a little at front but sit he looks back to see if am still there, he walks ok as longs as there is no dogs, but right now am working in him ignoring them, he sometimes does a great job but still always have him with a long leash just in case but he walks with out mi holding it
  4. yeah i see him correcting the pup but out of nowhere the older went got up and smile the youger one and bite him his leg
  5. so everytime he is in that mind should i just remove him from the room like for how long should i get him out of the room
  6. My older one just bite the other one out of no where, the older one look like he did wanted to hurt the younger one, also what can i do for the older one not to growls at me, when i tell him to stop
  7. ok Thanks Every one i will be uploading pics and let everyone know how this two new brother act together..
  8. yeah but that the thing that the older one is the one that goes everytime and looks for the yonger one and smells him, the yonger one is calm but but when the yonger trys around and trys to smell the older one that when the older one growls at him, but the younger does not bite him he just chase him like wanted to play i think i will give them time a walk them everyday together
  9. will every time the 8 month dog trys to smell the 3 year old his tail is down and middle of the legs, and he trys to run away but also growls at the other dog
  10. the 3 year old husky is rocky the 8 month mix is simba I went to the park with both dogs so they can meet in a neutral place last night, today and the morning i took Rocky to a long walk and run before he see him again at the park, than we walked back to the house, they are ok but it just rocky that fears simba, outside with other he doesnt growl at any dog, there is even a pack that live next to us and they always bark at him and he just runs all over the fance tryng to play with them but doesnt bark back or anything i have also one more question does neutering on
  11. hello everyone i have a 3 year old husky, all this time he has been the only dog in the house, today my sister in law got a 6 or 8 month dog it a mix husky. both of them are male, the 8 month dog looks calm and the 3 year husky, wants to get to know him but when the other dog trys to smell him or just move the 3 year old looks with fear and starts to growling at the 8 month dog, the 8 month looks happy and just wants to play but becuz the 3 year husky is growling at the other one. that when he also start to defect him self, and start to bark back, but the 3 year old just runs away but also gro
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