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  1. Mine has half blue on both eyes and half light brown in both eyes so half and half in each eye. My other dog she has 2 blue eyes and one eye has a brown spot on it. I heard this are rare dogs and I seen a husky that is from the same parents who gave a white puppy with green eyes.. I wonder why does this parents give weird genetics from same litter... 

  2. In my opinion they are born to pull like sled dogs. When they are young they tend to dig and pull that's their breed habits. I have a rare husky dog where she is always listening to my commands and walks with me and she's 6 months old in my other normal husky who is her sister she tends to pull and go out of control and so what I do I try to control her sometimes she listens but as much as you try they will try to pull...maybe try using treats to correct behavior that's how it's working for me...

  3. On December 1, 2015 at 2:45 PM, carolinep said:

    How often should you bathe a husky especially during their shedding

    I bath my 2 Sibs in this past 7 months like 4 times and that's because they get muddy and they are pups... I use Oatmeal and baking soda from Fresh and clean. So far once shedding they will keep themselves more clean and maybe 3 times a year since they are house pets...

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