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  1. I love all these photos!! Lucy turns 4 months tomorrow - still as cute as can be! I'm so impressed with her temperament... She's been quite well behaved indoors and has learned her first commands! Anyways, here is a photo update!! Also - She is huge!! She met a really small husky today and was almost the same height!! She is only 4 months and already weighs over 30lbs. Crazy... can't wait to see how big she gets
  2. Picture update! now that I've seen her in person I think she is definitely red. I love her coloring, here she is out in the yard!! Definitely enjoying my first week with her... though I am in need of some more sleep!!
  3. Here is an update photo at 6 weeks! Definitely looking red to me now, thanks for all the input!! I'll keep everyone posted on her coat colors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Lucy's Mom

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    Living the dream!! Can't wait until I am able to care for so many beautiful huskies!!
  5. Thanks everyone!! Here is another picture on a more overcast day. She is such a pretty girl - Can't wait to see her in person! I am sure you guys will be seeing lots of little Lucy as she grows up
  6. Interesting discussion - I happen to have a nightmare story about a dog who wasn't spayed early. I am an American, and perviously most of my dogs have been rescues and therefore been spayed/neutered before I ever took them home. However, I have spent the last year in the UK and have been shocked by how many intact dogs there are! Anyways, I began regularly doggie-sitting for a friend, when I realized one day that the 3y/o female dog smelled very bad ... like pus... and I realized she had some nasty discharge coming out of her vulva (this was at the the end of her season). The vets told us she had pyometra, a deadly infection of the womb. What followed was nearly 6 months of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and countless other meds to help her fight the infection to minimize risk during surgery. At one point the dog's blood platelets were so low they thought she would need a blood transfusion to survive the spay procedure, which would have cost around £2,000. It's been such a long, stressful journey, but finally this little dog has got her spay and is happy and healthy again. We could have saved poor bonnie a lot of discomfort, not to mention the huge amount of expenses in vet bills we racked up, had we got her spayed much sooner. The thing is, we were lucky to have caught the infection early. Many dogs with pyometra do not have smelly discharge, and can go unnoticed until symptoms of lethargy at which point dog may have only days to live and needs emergency surgery (which involves extra risk from the removal of an infected/swollen organ). Now that I am adopting a little girl husky pup, I am trying to decide when to spay. After this nightmare, I never want to risk another battle with this awful infection. I will have a chat with my vet once I bring her home, and decide then. I just wanted to share my story to caution others with female dogs.
  7. wow, what a uniquely beautiful pup! I've never seen a dog like that. Good luck - with a cute face like that he may be trouble!
  8. omg what a cutie!!! I've heard all puppies are born with blue eyes, if they change you should know around 6-8 weeks (I think!) I'm getting a red husky girl in a month - she must be quite close in age to your little one good luck!!
  9. Thanks @Emma ! Her face looked red to me but her coat looks so multi-toned on her back, so I wasn't sure! From looking around this site it seems like husky puppies with coats like this are a bit unpredictable and grow into a variety of colors. Thank you for your feedback, I have been leaning towards red as well which is why we thought of the name "Lucy" (my mom is a huge fan of Lucille Ball) - but of course what ever color she turns out, she will be absolutely beautiful!! I'm just so excited and can't wait to watch her grow!!
  10. Hi everyone!! I am new to this site, this is my first post I have always LOVED huskies - ever since I was a baby. My parents had a black & white husky since before I was born, and I spoke my first word "dog" while looking at his beautiful face. Now, many years later (and a happy dog home that has welcomed many breeds and rescues) we are bringing another husky into our lives, and I am over the moon. My family has picked out this beautiful baby girl (named Lucy), I think she is just stunning. It will be about another month before we can take her home, and I haven't got to meet her yet but my brother and mom have sent me these photos. I wanted to share this because I am so excited - but also because I've never seen colors like hers before and wanted to know if anyone else has had a puppy with similar colors/markings? I am wondering if she is red, sable, or maybe something else? Just curious to see what other people think!! PS: Here mom is light red and white, and her dad is black and white.
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