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  1. I have been preparing him for the sudden absence and I have to say he's responding better that I thought he would. At first, he could bark and whine until I came back but now he only complains for about ten minutes. The funny thing is that he can now sense from 200 meters away.
  2. Oh, I am so sorry for this. It looks quite bad. If blood tests came back clear, could it be a type of fungal infection? Or it may be a skin condition. I'm not a vet so I don't have a professional advice on this one. Sorry!
  3. Okami is cute and looks happy with his new environment. Seeing him taking a nap like that makes me feel sleepy already lol.
  4. Bed knobs? Lol. Mine would chew on my shoes like they were alive.
  5. He has to get used to it sooner rather than later. It is also hurting me to know that he will be sitting alone in the house for eight hours..
  6. First of all, try changing her sleeping environment and ensure it is warm. You can also introduce some soft tunes that will soothe her. If this doesn't work, you need to see a vet because there could be an underlying health problem.
  7. Working out with your husky is always fun. However, you have a lot of training to do especially if he is not used to seeing new faces all the time.
  8. Did the vet check if he has Giardia - an intestinal parasite? Also, make sure you are not giving him foods that contain too much fat as they can trigger a condition called Pancreatitis.
  9. My dog, Smokey, used to have the same problem when he was 9 months. He could finish his bowl in less than five minutes. This led to bloating and constipation. My vet recommended a slow feed dog bowl, and so I got him a JW Skid Stop. It trained him to take his time with the food. The bowl's interior design has several indentations that slow him down.
  10. Then I suggest you start training him all over again. You can use special treats as the starting point. But don't try to force him into the kitchen if he doesn't feel like it because it won't help.
  11. Have you made any changes to your kitchen recently? Because that could be the reason why he is afraid to step in. Mine had the same problem when I replaced my old kitchen tiles with news ones. It took time before he could get used to the new changes.
  12. Wow, I think you have given me the perfect solution. I will be starting on 15th January. I have already started reducing the number of hours we spend together in the house to see if he can get used to my absence, but as you can imagine he is not taking it well. He is usually not alone for many hours since I'm in the house most of the time.
  13. Yes, I also figured it was a joke.
  14. I got a new job as an accountant and I'm required to report to the office at 8:00 am and leave at 5:00 pm. I'm worried that leaving my 3-year-old dog alone for that long might cause problems. I was thinking about hiring a pet sitter but unfortunately where I live there are no dog sitters. I have also seen how destructive Huskies can be if left alone for a long time. Guys, this is really bothering me and I need help.
  15. Lol. I don't think they are fighting. They look like they are just having a good time teasing each other.
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