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  1. Hi! Just looking at your blue model above and there's a few things I would advise you to change either for safety's sake, or just good old piece of mind. I would advise you use a pair of BMX bars & stem (do NOT use a Mtb stem with BMX bars), they just don't fit as BMX bars have no bulge for the stem to clamp on to whereas Mtb bars do! The rider's ride height would be greatly improved as well. I have kits to have 2 working V brakes to work off the same b.lever, but you have to get the correct lever to ensure this kit will work! I have one of these fitted to my rig and they are good! To hide the cables, drill into the frame at 2 set points and run a length of outer casing thru said holes. If the casing is too long for a standard wire, use a tandem inner brake wire instead. Always, always fit alloy V brakes and NOT these cheapo plastic coated efforts or the cheap pressed steel thingy's as they are crap to say the least. All the latter bend/flex as do the plastic coated brake levers (even the alloy levers fitted with a plastic handlebar clamp bend like hell!). If you copy the U brake mounts like on the rear of most BMX's, a good set of ally model's will work WKD and are reasonably cheap too! You can also fit a front brake if you feel you need to and as that is your stopping brake, then for the few quid more it'll be worth it. A V brake would be the best here. Looking at the welds on your blue-un (mainly above the brakes), these don't look very good IMO and look very sloppy. Do you gas weld or arc as them welds look very splatty.
  2. Now then! I've just rec.d 4 wrong orders of "Muvi" micro camcorders with sports packs as an extra bonus! This is the thread to one of the models: http://www.veho-world.com/main/shop_detail.aspx?article=122 I've got 2 of these either to return to Raleigh (who supplied them), or sell them on. They come complete with a lot of extras as part of the kit ((see attachments in supplied link). I'm after £79.99 each+ p&p (prob bout £5.00). The 2nd one I have 2 of up for grabs is this model:http://www.veho-world.com/main/shop_detail.aspx?article=44 Specs again, are on this link page and comes with the same extras as the ATOM. These will be ideal for attaching to your rig, scooter or even your bike to record all your Husky exploits and pop them either on here, or on You Tube/Facebook. I've got one to try out and will be posting my exploits when I can. So if anyone's interested, PM me and I'll get back to you, but leave me any contact details so we can make arrangements or answer any questions about the camcorders that you may have. Ian @ On Yer' Bike! M'bro;)
  3. Just been asked to see if anybody over my neck of the woods has taken in or seen a Border Terrier that my Niece & her Partner have lost in the Thornaby-on-Tees, Cleveland area as he has been missing since June 15th 2011. Kids are pining for him (especially my Niece's Partner as he's his dog). The dog is only a young-un at 2 y/o and very friendly. So hopefully somebody's took him in. Flyers have gone out and all notable departments of the Council's, kennels, Lost n Found's of the local papers have been made aware. All we wanna do is just get him back home and safe. I can be contacted on: 01642-816999/750957 or 07786-233527 email bike999emergency@hotmail.com We're just hoping my Niece's ex-boyfriend (who's a right arrogant pratt to say the least!), hasn't "dog-napped him. If he has, he'd better have a good pair of Nikes fitted to his feet!! lol;) Cheers!! Ian.
  4. Dunno if anyone can help but, we have been invited to my Partner's nephew's 18th down Suffolk this month & I can't go if we can't get anyone to mind our 3. I had a bad experience with kennels with 2 of my prev dogs (one got chronic Kennel Cough) & owner called Vet who said she just had a fever! Yer-right! I was suffering from Strep Cough which is ABSOLUTELY BLOODY AWFUL and our Fudge sounded like me. It was only when I quizzed the vets about K-C symptoms, that I knew this is what she had! The bloody kennel owner didn't even bother to let me know whilst we were away either So Benji (JRT), would prob go to me Ma's, but Koda n Demon are too much for me Ma to handle as well and I'd prefer someone with Husky experience to look after them for only a couple of days that's all. If anyone can help, i can be contacted via PM Ta! Ian EDIT: taken numbers out of this thread, please contact through a reply in the thread or via PM
  5. Eddie's not bad either! lol Took us bloody ages one night me n our lass trying to get a good pic of the dogs, but would they hell stay still while you tried in vain to get the perfect shot....lol:rolleyes: Keep kidding Eddie up making him leg it up to bed otherwise Demon & Benji will nick yer bed! He pegs it upstairs closely followed by Demon with Benji hot on his heals! Eddie dives into bed, Benji buries his head in the pillow whilst Demon chews on Eddies legs under the duvet! Apart from that.......
  6. " little mates all fast asleep after a long days slog getting under Mum's feet all day! lol;)
  7. I think it's just a Alphadog moment with these 2 as they can mess about together out the back or all 3 in the same bed totally not bothered:confused: They go to work with me everyday and all kip in the same spot in the shop (only had 1 spat in the shop in nearly 2 years!). Demon's cuddled up to Benji (JRT) at this very mo I'm typing. Koda's a little bit down the kitchen area (about 4' away). They share either my van dbl bench seat next to me or the back of my Volvo V70 estate with no scrapping. Chatted to someone else who got their's snipped and after 3 months, they were back up to their old tricks! So I'm afraid that doesn't work on all dogs!
  8. My 2, father n son have started to scrap and it DOES get REALLY bad!!:eek: I have ended up having to polish my steely caps up their butts to try n separate them as I'm not risking my hands trying to split them while they are at it Pete Tong n all!! Mind you, I must be mad as when I do get them to grow a brain cell, I'm in between them both while they are still baying for blood. There's only a couple of times, Koda, (Dad) has come off bleeding through Demon (son). They both run together with no problems, mess about together out the back. Again, no problems:s: It's only since we took on Demon (in payment for services rendered by his dad), that Koda seems to have took the huff that we have another Husky male in the house as well as his "mate", Benji the JRT. These 2 are inseperable & Demon gets along fine with Benji, just not his dad for some reason:s:. He won't come for his usual cuddles/mess about anymore and if Demon appears, he goes away growling to his bed in the kitchen refusing to come back! It's doing me n our lasses head in and she's dropping hints to part with Demon. I've told her that I can't do that and I'm trying my damned hardest to knock their heads together on this. The latest spat was over getting a drink out of the same water bowl after the other had had a drink. I had to shove my Ma outa the way and wade in, boots loaded!
  9. If it's a slot-in one & replacing a like-4-like, it's a piece of p***! I've replaced 2 of mine in 2 of the houses I've lived at and as ppl have said earlier, it is just like changing a plug, only thicker wires. If you can change/replace a plug, you should be able to do it yourself. If it is the 3 core (Earth/Live/Neutral) stylee wiring, this kinda flex is on most Washing Macchines etc. So any electrical spares shop could sell you the flex over the counter, no problem.
  10. Nix! Get one off "Wonder Collar" (Facebook) as I got 1 and it's wkd! I also got a 2 dog gangline and X cross harnesses off a lady under the handle "teigen" via Ebay (one is getting replaced as got a faulty webbing). Bit hairy @ first, but make sure your bike is serviced as your brakes REALLY NEED to be cock-on! If not, it'll be a case of...........:jawdrop:when you pull the lever n nowt appen's n next minute you're wearing a tree:eek: Wonder Collar only charged me £25 + p&p (which is £15 cheaper than Snowpaw!). I've had my 2 up to 23mph at one point down the cyclepaths up our way, but nearly skidded Demon's ass a few time's as he decided to slow down at the most awkward of times.....lol:rolleyes: Ian @ On Yer' Bike! M'bro
  11. PMSL:D That sounds just like our Demon!! 2 sarnies short of a full-un!:cool: He's dreamin' away here as I type n his front paws are wagglin' away under my foot;) His Dad's (Koda) chillin; in the kitchen away from D & Benji (JRT) lol Ian
  12. Our Koda is exactly the same! Most of the treats for Koda are bought from either Aldi's, Wilkinsons or Asda (all their own brands), with no sloppy poo after-effects! You'll prob find that Aleu may have a Oats & Wheat intolerance like our Koda. Hence, possible sloppy's on high protein treats?? Ian
  13. I got a Bikejor off a company on Facebook by the name Wonder Collar. Been only one prob with it, but getting that sorted as I type! I use a double gangline with X harnesses on my 2 connected by 2 karabina's off their harnesses. End up booting along at 22mph upto now........OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:eek: Mine only cost £25.00 + postage. Just PM me for more details. Ian aka Taz The Bikeshop Man
  14. Check out this as baby absolute pee's himself when his Mam blows her nose, then bursts out laffin'....lol http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/family-parenting/terrified-baby-is-scared-of-mum-blowing-her-nose-blog-41-yahoo-lifestyles.html
  15. Hide their shovel(s), that should stop'em from diggin'!!! Shall I go away now then???
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