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    Bru is a five year old rescue dog who is half malamute and half Siberian husky :) his Instagram is @bruthehusky
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    I like horse riding and bikejoring and i also love dogs :) I also love giving Bru a brush

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  1. tomorrow we are getting a new rescue dog, a lovely sibe called Phoenix and because we already have Bru I was wondering if any one had tips on how to introduce Phoenix to the house? Phoenix and Bru have already met and they played quite good together but we are unsure if we should introduce Phoenix to the house when Bru is not there or should we do it when Bru is there? also any tips would be appreciated thank you
  2. Hey every one ! I am a new member here and I'm not really sure how to use this but I am getting used to it wanted to say hello and show you all my rescue dog who is a Siberian husky/Alaskan malamute cross and his name is Bru I also wanted to ask if any one does bikejoring with their dog(s)? I have started doing it with Bru and would love some tips! thank you
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