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  1. Yes he definitely has a husky side! I'll start trying this to see if it helps any. Thank you!
  2. So Shadow has become a crazy picky eater (when he was younger he went nuts over his kibble)! He was on Purina One when I got him at 8 weeks and after about a week at home I started the switch to taste of the wild pacific stream, he liked it for about two weeks and then wouldn't touch it, so I tried the bison formula instead and same thing he liked it for about two weeks then hated it. The only way I could get him to eat at all was if I mixed it with wet (yes I realize I probably could have waited him out and he would have eventually ate if he was hungry enough, but I know he's growing a lot right now and I just love him and want him to enjoy his food). Anyway it was like pulling teeth to get him to eat, however he loves all of his treats that have chicken as the fiest ingredient so after a month or so of him hating TOTW I switched to Simply Nourish since chicken was the first ingredient... And same thing happened he loved the first small bag and hated it by the second bag. ... My all around question is that I am now looking at trying Merrick Backcountry puppy and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it. It's a little more pricey than what I was aiming for but it does have real pieces of freeze dried raw mixed it (an all raw diet is not an option for me right now). Thank you guys so much for the help. (If you have any advice on picky eating in general, or what worked for your Siberian huskies, that would be awesome too)
  3. I think Shadow is going to keep his parti eye, he's 13 weeks old today, but that's still subject to change. The first pic he is at 6 weeks (I thought he was going to be bi-eyed at that point) And 12 weeks, I don't think the flash was on either picture (the 6 week was at my breeders home) Both of his parents had ice blue eyes (bottom two pics)
  4. Thank you! He loves playing tug of war and we're working on drop it, I normally have to give him a small treat though to get him to drop it still. Good idea on the freezing too!
  5. Shadow is now 11 weeks old and is already chewing on everything. I was wondering if there were any safe alternatives to rawhide that might actually keep his attention for more than 5 minutes. He has no interest in his nylabone or bacon flavored Benebone wishbone, he enjoys his split elk antler but gets bored eventually. I want to provide him a variety of chew toys to minimize destructive chewing (granted I watch him like a hawk so he hasn't destroyed anything yet, not even his toys.) He has several stuffed toys, rubber balls and a variety of rope toys but nothing seems to keep his interest as long as a rawhide chew stick... Ive even tried healthy puppy teething sticks (corn, wheat and soy free) but he ate it all in 5 minutes flat! Any suggestions will be awesome, I know his chewing will just gets worse! Thank you!
  6. I am SOOO incredibly in love with him... He is spoiled rotten, and I really do hope I can give him the best life possible. I didn't get him for his eyes, not that kind of husky owner I promise.
  7. Here he is at 10 weeks, the blue appears to be getting lighter
  8. Sadly I found out yesterday when I took Shadow to the vet (very runny diarrhea) that he tested positive for hookworms and coccidia which the vet said he would have had coming from my breeder because I have only had him two weeks today and symptoms started last week. Anyway the Doctor dewormed again and put him on Albon for the coccidia and said we caught it early and it should clear up in a few days. I'm feeding Shadow just a bland diet of cooked rice, chicken broth, plain broiled chicken and smashed pumpkin. When his stomach starts to clear up though I was going to put him back on his kibble, he was on Purina One when I got him and I was gradually switching him over to Taste of theWild the bison version, I still plan to switch him but was wondering if the bison or salmon puppy version would be more approitae for his sensitive stomach. Just wondered if any of you have had to battle coccidia before or have used taste of the wild. Shadow acts perfectly healthy by the way, just has the runs.
  9. I've only had Shadow for a little over a week but have taken a ton of pictures! Here's two of my favorites so far.
  10. Sorry here is another photo that might show it better, it's so hard to get a close up of his eyes he's always either moving or sleeping! Lol
  11. Hi I was looking closely at Shadows eyes and it appears he has a parti eye but it still seems to be a dark blue, he'll be 9 weeks in 2 days, do you guys think he'll keep the parti eye? I was just curious, when I took him to the vet he said it was for sure pigmant (not a healing area)
  12. Thank you for the replies! I just wanted to make sure everything sounded normal, I'm an overprotective parent already! And I've limited it to just the small soft chicken treats for potty trips since his current food has chicken as the main ingrediant, I thought that might agree with him better. (here in the next week I'm going to start a gradual switch to taste of the wild high prairie puppy, he's currently on purina one puppy)
  13. Hi I was wondering how much an 8 week old puppy should sleep, I have read 18 to 20 hours. I just wanted to make sure he was sleeping normal... He takes "cat naps" and then will wake up and go outside and play for a little bit and then go right back to sleep (he is very alert and LOVES food when he is awake). I just brought him home yesterday. He also has had loose stools since this morning (not super runny but not solid either), but my breeder warned me he may because he was recently de wormed, plus he's in a new environment, and I may be guilty of giving him too many new treats (but I haven't started changing his food yet). I was just wondering if this all sounded normal. He got his first round of shots on Monday and has a vet appointment on Friday for a check up within my breeders 72 hour time frame. Thanks for any advice! (Also added some puppy pictures!!!)
  14. thank you so much for the advice! I'll def utilize making him work for food and treats as well as the toy cycling,
  15. Thank you! Your right not overwhelming him will be hard, but I'll try my best!
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