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  1. If she has terrier she hides it well. We have had several terriers and although they vary a little in temperament from each different one overall they are very loyal and protective of their families. Nova would probably go off with whoever would pet and play with her. Our other rescue that we think is border collie rat terrier definitely exhibits those traits as well as being very fast and assigning herself the job of ridding the yard of rodents, rabbits etc.
  2. Thank you for the help. I will check into the corgi. My son has a friend that has raised a lot of them. . I know this little girl seems to definitely have an independent streak in her. I don't care what she's mixed with other than sometimes it helps with training. . We love her no matter.
  3. We were told the father was husky. She seems to have the husky coat. This little girl loves the water and has found the the koi pond. Okay so does anyone think she has husky in her? I never seem to get a good photo, she's always on the move. . She was getting a nice long white coat on her belly but they shaved her. Our vet seems to think she has a husky coat. . But if you all don't think so, you are the experts. . The corgi coloring looks right but her head is smaller and snout pointier. She definitely has longer legs lol. .
  4. Anyone have anymore guesses as to what she might be mixed with now that she's older? She's 18 inches tall, 20.4 pounds and very lanky and muscular. She's very vocal too. . She tries to have the last word. One lady told me she was a wolf when she saw her but I don't think so. . She definitely has the husky hair.
  5. Yes all the time, she's such a goofball. I would live to get the sound she makes when she acts like she's telling us something, kind of a growl, bark, howl mixture. I have never heard anything like it and I wondered if it were a husky thing. . My friend said they make some unusual sounds. .
  6. Still not sure what the husky was mixed with but we love this strange little girl. She's 9 months, 20.4 pounds and just got spayed last week. . You would never know it to see her being such a goofy feisty girl. She is constantly making us laugh. .
  7. Nova is half husky and our newest rescue. She's 6-1/2 months. You cannot take a bad picture of this girl. . In her last one she and her sister Mya our first rescue love playing rough.
  8. Oh my, I would never get anything done but playing. So cute. . I am wondering how nova will like the snow. Our other rescue dog loves it.
  9. That's how our American Eskimo used to look lol. . Beautiful makes me miss our boy.
  10. She is gorgeous and looks like my daughter's new pup she just rescued. . Callie is half husky half german Shepherd. .if she looks like yours grown she will be a knockout too.
  11. Nova57

    Husky mix?

    That is funny you say that because our vet just said the same thing the other day. No we did DNA on our first rescue that we knew her mother was a border collie but we did not know what else mix and they said she was a pug/malamute mix 3 generations and would be 45 pounds. She is 24 and we have been told by another dog geneticist there is no way that mix works with her coloring. She is a red tri (or brown tri whichever people want to call her but red is usually what bcs are called). The best this other lady figured out for us was bc/jack russell or rat terrier mix. The rat terrier may be pretty accurate as in the last week she has caught 3 chipmunks and a rabbit and was going after a field rat but my husband stopped her from that one. She is extremely fast and smart. Whatever nova is we love the little dickens. She is very loving, makes some of the weirdest sounds, one did sound like a different husky on you tube. When she growls she sounds like she is gargling, when she howls it is kind of like a yodeling, and when she barks she has the highest squeaking bark I have ever heard. It almost hurts my ears her bark is so high. She does have a very thick coarse double coat even though it is not very long yet. She is now 6 months old for sure the first of October as she lost her canine teeth and she is 19 pounds and around 18 inches tall now. Still very slim and lanky but starting to fill out. I have attached a few more of her a bit older now. As you can see below she loves playing frisbee and loves playing bitey face with her sister. We did have to take her to the vet and have her xrayed as she started limping and has some muscle atrophy in the right back leg and hip. Xrays showed all bone structures to be good including the pelvis, hip and leg but the vet thinks she probably had her pelvis fractured when she was a pup and made her walk lighter on that side which caused this. He gave her a shot and we gave her rest for a few days and he is hoping she will start building that muscle up and using it more now. Well she may get big yet then. People are always saying I hope she grows into those ears LOL. We love her ears. She is starting to fill out more now that she is six months old. I attached some more photos below. Both our girls are unique definitely, both rescues and we could not love them more. Nova is a lovable goofball that loves to run and play and she loves being outside definitely. She is very affectionate but very independent. she might just get there. Mya is 17 inches and Nova is standing taller than her this week for sure, I think probably around 18 inches and was 6 months old around the first of October as she lost all 4 canine teeth then. She is 19 pounds as of now so still slim but filling out.
  12. Nova57

    Husky mix?

    no hadn't with her being so small. She's only 14 pounds right now and maybe 17 inches tall. I figured if she's part husky the other part or parts must be small. Huskies are not usually that small at 5 months are they?
  13. Nova57

    Husky mix?

    These are her most recent pictures
  14. Nova57

    Husky mix?

    Thanks for trying to guess. Yes she has everyone stumped LOL!! We have 2 unique rescue girls now. Our vet says he sees husky in her especially how her coat is. We keep getting teased by people that they hope she grows into those ears These are pictures of brindle basenjis that we found is why we thought she might be mixed with that and a guy that bred them for like 30 years sees the markings he says.. Her coat had that brindle pattern for a while but now as she gets older it is blacker and blacker on her back mixed with the tan coloring. We are so glad we rescued this little pistol although I told my husband I think we named her wrong, it should have been tornado or twister or demona!!! These are not pictures of our dog but ones we found on the internet. Thanks we think so too but we are probably biased. I am having to learn about huskies now. I listened to some you tube videos of their sounds we have heard a few and need to know the best way to train her now. She seems to be a bit stubborn but very playful.
  15. Nova57

    Husky mix?

    Yes I just thought you might want to see her body shape too.
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