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  1. Kumba

    Type of husky

    Kumbas mom died when she was just born. I had to bottle feed her since i got her at 3 weeks old. She had a lot of worms. Im thinking she might have been malnourished but she is doing good now. I think that might have something to do with her growth. But again im not sure since ive never owned a husky before?
  2. Kumba

    Type of husky

    This is mom and dad
  3. Kumba

    Type of husky

    Ive had a few people tell me if my husky is mixed or that it might not be a husky. I got her from a breeder but i dont know about huskies and ive never owned one before. Ive looked at pictures of 8 week old huskies and they look fluffy and round and the ears are already up. My husky looks different. Any help?
  4. I put my husky outside for the first time but im not sure if its a good idea or not. Someone told me she could get worms or parasites. But i dont want her to be lonely inside the house when im at work so i put her outside to play with my other dog. Any inputs? Shes only 8 weeks
  5. Im not sure how much she weighs im planning to take her to the vet soon. But thank you for that useful information. I didnt know it was normal for puppies to be lean.
  6. Im a first time owner of a husky, and im just a bit concerned about her weight and knowing if shes getting the proper nutrition she needs. Any help?
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