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  1. Hey Amanda! Thank you for your reply. It's funny because Kenshi is always fine whenever I have a girl friend over it's just the boys that's the problem. It's not so much of the growling like I read regarding resource guarding but more of him trying to physically (he tends to want to guide them out by grabbing thier hands) take them out my house lol. I have tried putting him in time out in the crate but all he does is howl and scream. I will try placing him in the crate in another room if he exhibits this behavior again. Thank you for the advice and wish me luck! Thanks for the advice and extra knowledge!
  2. Hey guys my husky Kenshi is currently 6 months old and lately I noticed that he has been less tolerant of my male friends. He does well when I have a group of friends over and also out in public but his behavior changes when I am one on one with a male friend. He will start biting their hand and nipping. It's always just been me and him since he was 8 weeks and he is not use to another male presence. I just don't want this behavior to persist or worsen and I'm all ears for advice.
  3. Happy birthday!! With many more to come!
  4. mellyp

    15 weeks old!

    I tell him all the time to stop growing...don't seem like its working lol...every week he's getting taller and taller
  5. mellyp

    15 weeks old!

    Thank you!!
  6. I ran across that term after doing more research on the web. It was just unusual to me that his eye is still changing colors at 12 weeks... I didn't know if that was normal
  7. Does anybody know what age a husky puppy's eye color remain definite? My Kenshi has bi-colored eyes. At 8 weeks it had one blue and the other was more blue but specks of amber was present it appeared green to me. At 12 weeks (current age) the eye has turned more amber with more blue color on the other corners. When I did my research it said 6-7 weeks for eye color to be permanent but Kenshi has surpassed that age.
  8. He's learning good habits so far! Kenshi took a lot of work and we use to take him out every hour when he was 8 weeks. It was a pain because we live on the third floor he's A LOT better now...he can hold his pee for 2 hours after drinking water o and he poops every 4 hours after eating. Hopefully it continues to get better lol
  9. LOL I tell Kenshi that all the time to stop growing too! I think that may be normal for husky puppies. My friend was telling me her dog use to do the same thing too as a pup. The only down side is the peeing lol. How are you guys with potty training? We have to constantly take him out after eating and drinking or he'll have accidents in the house.
  10. I can't believe he's gotten so big already...they grow up so fast . I think with time Zeus will definitely catch up. I feed Kenshi three times a day and he gets a cup of dog food each meal. That's how Kenshi is too always hungry and thirsty lol
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