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  1. I didnt mean I can't. It is just highly frowned upon. Since it was a dog on dog aggression, happened inside a military base, at a dog facility, it can be tricky and would not get the result I want from all the trouble. I am just glad Kato is OK, I am just upset about the system. If it had been worse, I would try to pursue legal actions but being it happening on a military base, with the both owners being military members, the security forces have to get involve, investigations have to be done(ie. call all the witness back), I have to take it up the chain of command if I want to sue more than the vet bill(since kato is being trained as a service dog, his fur has been shaved the might mess up his fur growing back when he is from a show dog bloodline which I have records and contracts stating he is approve to be a show dog in official events), I can get compensation for all that if I take legal actions.I do have all the legal evidence and I know I will win because the dog was on the 35 and under side of the fence when he weighs 50 lbs. (all the owners knew each other so they let the big dogs play with the pups but most of them were highly trained and have met so we thought this dog was ok) and didnt think much of it when he came and let the dog in to the 35 and under side, but with all the military political stuff going around and higher-ups wanting to get involve in every little thing in our personal life, it is not worth it just to get money. Also on base, if the dog has been filed as aggressive, he cannot stay on base(they live on base while I live off base). They either have to move, or take the dog to a shelter in which case most of the shelters around the area are kill shelters because of the population of strays. With owners being negligence, and them not wanting to pay a measly 70 dollars because they told me they are making "ends-meat"(I just want the vet visit fee, I dont mind taking the treatment and medication fee), I believe they will go to the shelter route which I don't want happening since it is not the dogs fault, it is the owners.
  2. the balls were dog park property. The dog park provides them for the retrievers since many dogs here are hunting dogs. We can use the ball to train them on retrieving a particular scent. I just don't understand that if the owner knows his dog is ball aggressive, why take him to a dog park meant for ball retrieving with other dogs chasing the ball. I wouldn't be soo mad if they just apologize, but it took them a while to apologize but still partly blame Kato for "provoking" their dog by trying to play and chase the ball around that their dog decided to take fancy to. They state that Kato invaded the dogs personal space which I am confused about because all the dogs were off leash and there are two fenced off yard with no one in the other. To which they replied that they are trying to socialize the dog more... In my understanding, dogs socialize by sniffing each other and playing with each other... How can my dog know not to go near a dog that is off leash in a dog park with 8 other dogs running around.
  3. Thank you all. I would love to take Kato for a walk, but I have been strictly instructed by the vet that I should not let Kato out of the house so the wound can heal since it's still open(have to clean it up twice a day so it won't clog) and where the wound is at is where the collar or harness would be and even with the wound covered up, I was told to only use collar or harness when it is necessary but it is not recommended for the first three days. Before I left the park, the dog owners let me have one side of the park that was for agility course to have for my self and slowly reintroduced Kato to my friend's dogs using treats and doing commands with all of them since they are trained and will match katos activity level at the moment. He was still hesitant when they make sudden movements but he was fine overall. So hopefully he can bounce back quick and be that extremely social dog that likes to greet and be petted by strangers and is fine going up to a strange dog with out fear or aggression.
  4. Sorry, but I am about to rant. Today I took Kato to his first dog park. Everything was going good and he had fun playing with all the other dogs. Then a dog came to the dog park who started to pick up all the balls and hording them. I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought he just like to pick up all the balls(dog park property) and normally Kato does not care for tennis balls. The owner then took him off leash to play with the other dog, Kato eventually got tired out so he went to lay next to the balls. When he tried to pick one up the dog came, pinned Kato to the ground using his paws(he was twice as big as kato) and proceeded to bite the back of his neck. He would not let Kato go until the owner came and pulled his collar. Kato is now really scared to go up to dogs he has never met, he has been keeping his distance to everyone, and was whimpering for a good 10 mins while limping off. I took Kato outside the dog park to inspect him and could not find anything wrong except a sore paw where the dog pinned Kato down. Two hours later; I was washing down Kato since he was covered in dirt and saw blood stain where the dirt was. Further inspection revealed that it was a puncture wound, he needed to be cleaned by a vet as puss started coming out. After the vet had shaved his beautiful soft coat that my lady had spent hours everyday on grooming and giving him the right diet, cleaning his wound, putting ointment, and administering antiboitics; I got hold of the owner of the dog. At first, they would not pay for any of the vet bill blaming Kato for "provoking the dog" as they previously had stated he was ball aggressive in which I did not hear because I was apparently picking up Kato's "waste" at the time. Three hours of talking/arguing with them, they finally gave in and said they would try to pay half of the bill but are still blaming Kato for "provoking the dog". It is illegal for owners to take a dog that is known to be aggressive to dog parks as it is considered owner negligence, yet I am not able to take legal action because it is frowned upon. The dog park is on a military base, and the owner of the other dog was fellow military member and since they have "negotiated" that they will pay half the bill, I cannot take legal. I am satisfied yet frustrated. Satisfied because Kato did not need any stitches and he was not in pain, just discomfort. Frustrated because I cannot take legal action if I want to, and Kato who is a highly trained puppy half way to completing his service dog training is now not wanting to be near anyone or any dog that he has not met before. I hope it is just for the time being until he fully heals. It has been only a day... attach is the picture of kato after the vet has treated the wound and applied ointment that helps from it being infected and anything that can get in it.
  5. I bought doughnuts too =], with chicken broth and tampons for the lady =P
  6. Lol speaking of teething, I was just playing with Kato a couple of minutes ago with his rope and a tooth fell out. Scared me for a sec cause he accidently bit me trying to get the rope and I saw blood on my hand.
  7. I play tug a war with Kato with the rope to help progress the teething. He is already 4.5 mo the old and hasn't chewed on any furniture, shoes, etc. It's also a good way to teach them a calm word. I say drop it when it's in his mouth while I'm pulling and slowly lift up so he knows I want it. Then I say be calm and he sits so I throw the rope somewhere else and he goes play by himself until he is satisfied. Time to time I would wet his rope or ball and put it in the fridge when he does show signs of wanting to teeth on things he is not suppose to. After an hour or so it'll be nice and almost frozen. All you do is give it to him and let him soothe his mouth(think of it as like ice cream after the dentist).
  8. I can do the basics of everything (carpenter, electrician, mechanic, computer programming, and a little bit of explosive work =p all because of my job).
  9. Getting big =] two and a half months vs four and a half
  10. How old is kaiser compared to penny? You can try feeding penny first while kaiser watch in a kennel or something. The one higher in the totem pole eats first. You can also have kaiser move out of the way when penny wants a certain spot(show of respect). It does seem like kaiser is trying to figure out where he is on the totem pole.
  11. Well today Kato is going for a long ride to austin, TX (6.5 hours). He is usually good in the vehicle but he hasn't been on a ride that long since we got him when he was 8 weeks old and he was sleeping the whole time. He has been at the dog daycare for 6 hours now, running around with the other dogs in a big open field. So hopefully he just falls right asleep when we start the trip =].
  12. When I went for business, I just thought how rainy it was. Oh and no cold sweet tea... No guns kinda made me sad as I like to hunt both with guns and bows.
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