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  1. Run free and swift. R.I.P. Sweet Eisa.
  2. Thinking of you, Eisa and sending all our hugs.
  3. BBava


    I'm so sorry Jay. I searched about seizure in my country's sites and found that Zonisamide is pretty much prescribed for canines. Thinking of you and Yukon.
  4. Everybody has a happy face I love the logos on their harness !
  5. Hello, It sounds like anal glands issue since the smell comes from the root of his tail.
  6. It's also very interesting when they stop howling. Thank you very much for sharing !
  7. BBava

    Hello !

    Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome. I just watched 2012 camp videos I'm addicted to this site -
  8. Howl back to you ??!!!!!! It's so amazing ! I'd like to be level some day
  9. Is it all right if I join them when my dogs howl ? They respond to the sirens of fire engines and to other dogs sometimes -such a view-eyes closed and chins up 180 degrees ! I can't stand just watching it , so I do howl with them. They give me a look and go back to howling. I wonder if this is all right ? If my joining isn't a good idea.I should stop...Seems it doesn't bother my dogs though. Maybe my neighbors....
  10. Akira is so beautiful !
  11. BBava

    Ice and Bear

    Nice pictures! They look very content, Emma. Your yard looks much better than ours here in Southern California. Everywhere is very brown -city puts the limits of water use for yard -5 minutes twice a week. re
  12. It's out of this world....stunning !
  13. Hi everyone ! I've been visiting this site for the last several months but I didn't know how to start (to write !), and finally I'm here. I have a 15 months old Husky girl named Avalanche and she has some cataracts issues. I'd like to learn lots of things from other Husky parents and share opinions about this amazing breed ! Thank you so much.
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